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The 2nd Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day Live Online Happening, was, we hope and trust, everything it was billed to be. It was certainly International. We had viewers from sixty two nations, covering all six inhabitable continents. We even had viewers from a number of our Middle Eastern neighbors! Were these agents of their intelligence gathering agencies trying to decipher when we're "going to do it," i.e. build the Holy Temple, or were these some of the freedom seeking protestors on the street?

As for the "Temple Mount Awareness" promise of the day, we feel that was certainly fulfilled by our lineup of special guests. We didn't stray from our goal for a minute.

As for the "Day" aspect, the happening began at 4:00 AM Pacific Time and ended at 8:00 PM Israel Time!

And as for it being a "Live Online Happening," need we say more?

The International Department of the Temple Institute would like to thank our sponsors one more time: Your financial support was an absolutely essential contribution to turning this one small dream into a reality. But even more so, your sponsorship was an expression of confidence and encouragement and appreciation of the work of the Temple Institute, that in turn inspired us to put our all into making the day a success. And on a yet higher level, your faith and enthusiasm and desire and determination for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem is what galvanized us throughout the weeks and many hours of preparation, and which, we believe, filled the day with an incredible positive energy that, better than anything we could have said on the set, conveyed the real message of the day: Together, we can do it!

All told, it was a very exciting and rewarding day for us. A tremendous amount of behind the scenes effort went into the production of the happening. Our hats off to the very professional work of Radio Free Nachlaot and the "superhuman crew" of Be There Israel. Together they labored many long hours to pull this off. We know that there were certainly some technical hiccups throughout the webcast, and we appreciate your patience and indulgence. Webcasting is a tricky business and, after all, we did warn you: It was live all the way! We will most certainly work to iron out these technical problems for the next time.

The five guests who joined us on the set throughout the six hours are all friends and associates of ours. But having them share their stories and life's work with us, one after the other, was very humbling: These are true pioneers and history makers. Their combined efforts will, indeed, pave the way for the building of the Holy Temple!

I would like to make special mention of Rabbi David Louis and his "Mikdash All-Stars." They rehearsed many long hours, and spent many more hours in the studio with the set and sound technicians, insuring that their performance would be nothing less than excellent. As their music began to soar, we all were, for that one brief moment in time, not merely dreaming or preparing for the Holy Temple: We were there!

Finally, our heartfelt thanks to our hosts, Lorelai Kude and Steve Levine of Radio Free Nachlaot. Their start-up online radio "neighborhood," has already marked out some very special territory for itself, presenting, as only they can, the sounds and spirit of Jerusalem.

And yes, even as we regather our energy following our six hour marathon, we are already busily planning together our next big online venture! May we all go from strength to strength!


The entire 2nd Annual Temple Mount Awareness 6 Hour Live Video Streaming Happening has been archived. Click here.


To learn more about our guests:

Attorney Baruch Ben Yosef, Temple Mount Legal Scholar,

Tzachi Zweig, Archeologist - Founder and Director, Temple Mount Sifting Project

Yisrael Medad - Veteran Temple Mount Scholar and Activist; Director of Educational Resources, Menachem Begin Heritage Center; Personal Blog: My Right Word

David Louis and his Mikdash All-Stars - Musicologist, Composer and Artist

Reuven Prager - Founder and CEO, Beged Ivri - Levitical Restoration Specialist




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