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The Temple Institute's Year in Review


5773: The Temple Institute's Year in Review


As we approach Rosh HaShana, the New Year, it is appropriate for every individual to reflect and take stock on all that we have accomplished over the past twelve months, and to strive for self-improvement. The Temple Institute has many accomplishments to be proud of throughout this past year, and at the same time we are equally focused on the goals we have set before us for the upcoming year.




25th Anniversary Gala Celebration Dinner: On the evening of November 14th, 2012 (Rosh Chodesh Kislev), at the Wyndham Hotel in Dallas, Texas, the International Department of the Temple Institute hosted a wonderful gathering, attended by over two hundred friends and supporters of the Institute. The dinner featured Israeli Member of Knesset Moshe Feiglin as the keynote speaker, a beautiful video presentation which included a blessing by Institute founder Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, and a moving award ceremony honoring some of the Institute's most dedicated supporters. To view the occasion's beautiful Dinner Journal, please click here.

4th Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day Online Happening: Acclaimed as our best ever, this year's internet broadcast event, which aired on March 10th, included fascinating interviews conducted by Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of key figures active in the renewal of Holy Temple-related laws and traditions. We participated in a "kosher" authentic Biblical sighting of the New Moon; discussed a new book written by Baruch Sterman, active in the revival of the techelet biblical blue dye used in tzitziyot, as well as the High Priest's blue tunic; spoke with a voice specialist who revealed secrets of the Levitical choir of Temple Times; enjoyed the sweet music and story-telling of Shlomo Katz; received a special blessing from Temple Institute founder Rabbi Yisrael Ariel in his home, and even took a tour of the Temple Mount.

The Children are Ready II 2013: The latest video release in what has become the Temple Institute's annual 9th of Av eye, heart and mind-opening challenge to the people of Israel to build the Holy Temple and put an end to mourning forever. Over 50,000 people viewed the video from the nine day period between the 1st and the 9th of Av, the print and electronic media alike devoted much coverage, including interviews, and critical praise was universal. Most importantly, the video succeeded in sharing revolutionary ideas and challenges, leading to a sincere dialogue, was begun, and people have begun to reconsidering age-old misconceptions.

Relocation to the New Holy Temple Visitors Center: In March, 2013, the Temple Institute opened the doors of the New Holy Temple Visitors Center, centrally located in Jerusalem's Old City, overlooking the Temple Mount. The beautiful new center, with its state of the art presentation ability, has greatly enhanced our ability to teach, inspire and prepare for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. In the four months that the new center has been open it has welcomed over 25,000 visitors. The experience of a visit to the new center is designed to simulate an actual visit to the Holy Temple, and the exhibition halls correspond to the Temple's chambers, in their ascending levels of sanctity Many new exhibits and surprises await the visitor. New multimedia presentations to enhance the experience are currently under development; architectural and logistical plans forthe rebuilding of the Holy Temple are underway; and a modular stone altar is under construction for transport to the Temple Mount as soon as the longed-for moment arrives.

The International Press takes notice! This past year has seen feature articles about the Temple Institute written up in large circulation newspapers in the USA, Canada, and England, and soon in Brazil and Italy.

Rabbi Richman now writes a monthly column for The Jerusalem Post, Israel's number-one English language newspaper.

Temple Mount Activism: The Temple Institute continues to lead the way in the struggle for the rights of all people to pray on the Temple Mount, bringing tens of visitors to the Mount weekly, and breaking exclusive news stories concerning the Temple Mount.

Teaching Kohanim: In a brand-new ground-breaking initiative, the Temple Institute is leading a multi-organizational effort to recreate the Mishmeret Kehuna - the Priestly Shifts, including the establishment of a new school to teach Kohanim the laws and skills involved in offering the daily Tamid service of the Holy Temple.

Building the Holy Temple Today: Currently in production is a series of short video teachings by Rabbi Richman, focusing on the halachic foundations and Torah imperative for building the Holy Temple today. The projected premier for the series is December, 2013.

Rescuing the Temple Mount: With far-reaching changes sweeping the Middle East and Israel once again pressured into talks with the Palestinian Authority, the fate of the Temple Mount is in danger. Even as more and more Jews are returning spiritually and physically to the Temple Mount there are forces that are putting the future of the Temple Mount in jeopardy. The Temple Institute is leading a campaign to intensify our efforts to guarantee the sanctity of the Temple Mount under full Israel sovereignty. Our Facebook page features daily updates and insights into the Temple Mount.

It is a fact that as a result of the Institute's dynamic leadership, leading the way in the struggle for the rights of all people to pray on the Temple Mount, many prominent Israeli politicians and public figures have become outspoken advocates of rebuilding the Holy Temple. The Institute has literally begun a far-reaching spiritual and educational revolution.

The rebuilding of the Holy Temple is the final stage of the spiritual process that brings the healing of manís relationship with the Creator. For it is the resting of the Divine Presence in the Holy Temple that brings about the true peace that G-d promises for all humanity. ďAnd in this place I in will grant peace, says the Lord of HostsĒ (Haggai 2:9). The Temple Institute is working to bring the light of the Divine Presence back into the world, and through these efforts, it is indeed beginning to return, little by little! Your generous support is greatly needed and appreciated. PLEASE HELP THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE WITH THIS HOLY WORK. IN THIS GREAT MERIT MAY YOU BE INSCRIBED IN THE BOOK OF LIFE!


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