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February 2011: Moslem Destruction at the Site of the Altar on the Temple Mount


For the past eight months the Temple Mount structure known as the Dome of the Chain has been concealed from view by a white metal fence and black fabric. Obvious to onlookers that either some kind of construction or destruction was taking place beyond the white barrier, the Moslem Wakf, which initiated and oversaw the work, forbid anyone from approaching the area, let alone photograph it. Unfortunately, it goes without saying that no archeological supervision was allowed, which could have prevented the destruction of Holy Temple remains. For the past decade the government of Israel, intimidated by Moslem threats of violence, has virtually retreated from the Mount, and steadfastly refuses to invoke or enforce Israeli antiquities law which forbids unsupervised construction in any area where archaeological remnants may be disturbed.

The location of the Moslem Dome of the Chain, due east of the larger Dome of the Rock happens to be the location of the Holy Temple altar, where offerings were brought as part of the Divine service. This very spot, according to our sacred tradition, was where Avraham bound his son Yitzchak, and it was from the dust of this spot that Adam, the first man, was formed by G-d.

For the past ten years the Moslem Wakf has been aggressively creating facts on the ground on the Temple Mount, deliberately attempting to turn the immense Temple Mount plateau into one massive Mosque. All the while, the Wakf is using its constant construction as a convenient way to simultaneously dig up, destroy and discard historically priceless remnants of the Holy Temple. At the same time that the Wakf is doing everything in its power to destroy any archaeological artifacts from the first or second Temple, it is publicly denying that the Holy Temple ever existed on the Mount. This outrageous lie contradicts the Wakf's own English language guide books of the Mount published between the 1920s to the 1950s, in which references to the first and second Holy Temple, as well as quotes from the Book of Samuel are proudly cited.

These photos were taken by an Arab enlisted by Jewish activists with the intention of discovering what was taking place behind the white barrier and publicizing the wanton disregard for the sanctity of the area.

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