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Temple Mount Congressional Bill

July 18, 2001

I am forwarding this message on behalf of Professor Murray Kahl.
- Rabbi Chaim Richman
The Temple Institute, Jerusalem

I am writing to friends of the Temple Mount to alert you to a major effort by Congress to assist in halting the desecration of the Temple Mount and send a clear message to Yasir Arafat that it will no longer be tolerated. A bill will introduced at a press conference tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM asking that all assistance [US dollars] provided to the Palestinian Authority, or its instrumentalities be halted unless the President certifies that no excavation of the Temple mount in Jerusalem is under way. The bill's official title and number will be assigned tomorrow when introduced. The bill refers clearly to the desecration and the importance to Jew and Christian alike of both historical and religious importance the Temple has in our respective religions.


I will be sending out a petition for one million signatures that will be turned over to the appropriate people. I am asking all to assist in publicizing this so we can have everyone who holds American citizenship contact their Congressmen and ask them to support this bill. In Israel, I ask everyone to contact all, individuals and groups, on their mailing lists and ask them to support the bill, particulary if they hold American citizenship.

I am coordinating this effort out of ideological conviction only, and I will be involved in personal efforts to assist in this effort.

The bill as of today is embargoed until tomorrow, but there is nothing to prevent us from alerting all our supporters and organizing these groups. As soon as the embargo is lifted, I will send out a copy of the bill to all that request it and plan on placing it on an autoresponder [A web based robot that will mail the bill to anyone requesting it.]

Please notify everyone ASAP and ask them to contact me for additional information (contact information at bottom of letter). I have volunteers assisting in this effort, and they will distribute the petition and turn the names over to me for presentation.

There is much work that went into this bill and it is a major step in notifying Arafat that he can no longer depend on US support. Since the bill did not give out the amount of total U.S. given to the P.A., I checked and found that it's approximately 500 million dollars.

Thank you,
Professor M. Kahl



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