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Delusional Abbas says that Israel plans to demolish Al Aqsa Mosque

reposted from The Elder of Zion
Monday, June 03, 2013

Yesterday, everyone's favorite "moderate" Mahmoud Abbas pushed some more crazed conspiracy theories which are perfectly acceptable in mainstream Arabic discourse and that are rarely reported in the West.

In an interview with Saudi Arabia's Al Watan, Abbas spoke of the "imminent danger faced by the Al-Aqsa Mosque," claiming that excavations carried out by Israel on the courtyard and under the foundations threatens the mosque with collapse. Abbas bitterly complained about the "fanatic Jewish extremists" being allowed to enter the Temple Mount "to practice their religion," explaining that it is all part of "an evil and dangerous scheme to destroy [Al Aqsa] and establish the alleged Temple."

This is not the first time Abbas has pushed nutty conspiracy theories. In no less a venue than the UN, Abbas claimed that Jews are training wild dogs to attack Arabs and releasing wild pigs to wreak havoc on their fields.

Then, as now, the Western media ignored Abbas' lunatic rants. They are emotionally invested in Abbas as a reasonable peacemaker fighting stoically against the extremist Netanyahu government. Noting that Abbas embraces the most insane anti-Israel conspiracy theories simply does not fit that narrative, so it is not reported.

After all, no sane person can insist Israel give up more concessions and sign agreements with someone who does not have a basic grasp of reality.

Abbas' insanity must be hush-hushed, for the good of the Middle East.



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