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Pacifying Arafat with the Temple Mount

December 25, 2000
from the Jerusalem Post

by Esther Levens

As Christians and Jews all over the world celebrate Christmas and Hanukka, members of both faiths are faced with a supreme irony. As this was being written, an Israeli delegation in Washington was attempting to reach a peace agreement with a delegation representing Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

Prime Minister Ehud Barak and US President Bill Clinton, both about to leave office (Barak, if he's not reelected), appear willing to hand over the Temple Mount to the followers of Islam.

It is Arafat's radical Islamic fundamentalist terrorists whose ongoing jihad and current intifada represent the greatest threat to the entire Judeo-Christian civilization.

The two leaders seem to be telling Arafat that if he promises at some future date to stop shooting and bombing and killing, they will give him, in advance, the Temple Mount to destroy. It will be no different than when his people desecrated Joseph's Tomb and prevented Christians, through terrorism, from visiting Bethlehem.

The leaders should demand, first, that Arafat stop sponsoring a "Day of Rage" every Friday. Orchestrated terrorist attacks take place throughout Israel, not just on Fridays, including the bombing of buses carrying schoolchildren and the hurling of large rocks from the Temple Mount to injure worshipers at the Western Wall below.

Second, Arafat must immediately stop Tanzim terrorists from taking over at gunpoint the apartments of Arab Christians in Beit Jala in order to stage a shooting frenzy. The thousands of Christians of Beit Jala and tens of thousands of Jewish residents of nearby Gilo are targeted almost nightly, once again displaying Arafat's contempt for the lives of both Christians and Jews. This atrocity cannot be allowed to continue.

Third, Arafat must cherish and protect the lives of Palestinian children. How strange it is that the Judeo-Christian world must implore Arafat to stop putting Palestinian children on the front line to be killed for the benefit of CNN "photo-ops." The PA encourages the killing of Palestinian children by giving $2,000 to the families who are willing to sacrifice these youngsters as martyrs for jihad. This uncivilized practice has to end. Nothing has changed since prime minister Golda Meir said, "There will only be peace when Arabs love their children more than they hate us."

Fourth, Arafat must stop killing and maiming Israeli children in terror attacks throughout Israel. Perhaps it is naive to expect Arafat to honor the lives of Israeli children when he has put a bounty on the heads of his own young people.

Finally, as part of this understanding, Arafat should throw away the gun he wears with his military battle uniform, which he symbolically flaunts on the world stage.

The radical Islamic rejection of the Judeo-Christian commitment to the sanctity of human life is made clear by the carnage in Arafat's renewed intifada - a barbaric guerrilla war against civilians.

Despite this, we are witnessing Israeli and American government leaders desperately begging Arafat to accept the ultimate gift - the Temple Mount - in the hope that this bribe may finally satisfy him.

The National Unity Coalition for Israel, with its 200 Jewish and Christian organizations representing 40 million Americans, would like to remind President Clinton and Prime Minister Barak that this is not an Israeli issue alone. Jews and Christians worldwide have an intrinsic stake in the outcome of this clash between totally opposite political objectives.

After years spent constantly seeking peace, Israel has learned once again that the Palestinian goal remains the same - the complete elimination of Israel.

(The writer is the president of the American National Unity Coalition for Israel.)



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