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Yehuda Glick's Son Arrested on Temple Mount

reposted from Israel National News

Hillel Glick, son of famous Temple Mount rights activist, Yehuda Glick, arrested on the Mount Sunday by Jerusalem District Police.

by Orly Harari, Cynthia Blank

Jerusalem District Police arrested on Sunday Hillel Glick, 19, the son of Temple Mount rights activist Yehuda Glick. He was arrested on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

Glick's family say the teenager was arrested in the aftermath of police being alerted to a soccer game played by Arab children on the Mount.

According to police, the young Glick failed to comply with local rules and did not respond to the provisions of the officers.

The "Hozrim LaHar" (Returning to the Mount) movement condemned Glick's arrest on the Temple Mount "minutes after people who ascended the Mount saw Arab children playing soccer in violation of the Supreme Court."

"The group demanded the police put an immediate stop to the humiliating game, and in response the police continued to tour the grounds saying 'it was being taken care of.'"

Raphael Morris of the "Hozrim LaHar" movement called the police's conduct "disgraceful," but noted that "the silence of the equally serious."

"When police strip off their uniforms for promotions, that's a public issue that makes headlines," Morris charged, referencing the recent sexual assault scandal of the Israel Police.

"But when policemen abduct children, an act which is just as bad, the public ignores it, only because the incident took place on the Temple Mount."

Yehuda Glick, a well-known activist for the Jewish right to pray on the Temple Mount, suffered an assassination attempt in October 2014 at the hands of a Palestinian terrorist.

He was badly wounded and remained hospitalized for weeks, before being released at the end of November.



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