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Video Shows Extreme Sport Performance on top of Al Aqsa Mosque

reposted from Israel National News

Jewish visits to Temple Mount may be deemed a 'provocation' by Muslim authorities, but using the Al Aqsa Mosque for extreme sports is a-OK.

by Ari Soffer

Muslim extremists have been upping their violent campaign against Jewish visits to the Temple Mount in recent months, claiming that the presence of religious Jews is tantamount to an "invasion" which "defiles" the Al Aqsa mosque complex there.

But while the site of Jews quietly touring the Temple Mount is considered a "provocation" (Jews are forbidden to pray there, despite it being Judaism's holiest site, as authorities fear an Islamist backlash), the use of the Al Aqsa mosque for an extreme sport is apparently no problem for the Waqf Islamic trust which administers the site.

A video uploaded to YouTube Sunday shows a man giving a public "Parkour" performance on top of the mosque, clambering and leaping around the top of the structure as crowds of Muslim visitors look on.

The tame response of Muslim worshipers stands in sharp contrast to the overt aggression often faced by Jewish visitors, who on occasion have been physically attacked by Islamists just for being there.

Jewish Temple Mount activists have lamented the way in which Muslim worshipers treat the site in the past, particularly the use of the Temple Mount plaza as a soccer pitch.



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