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Terrorist Throws Shoes at Jewish Family on Temple Mount

reposted from Israel National News

A father and his two sons were attacked on Temple Mount Monday, suffering verbal assault and Arab who throw shoes and stones at them.

A father and his two sons were attacked on Monday morning by an Arab, who threw stones and shoes at them, as they visited the Temple Mount.

The father said that a group of Muslim women verbally attacked him and his two sons, while a group of ten policeman sat by doing nothing.

"The police just tried to hurry our visit, but at a certain point, an Arab youth arrived and threw shoes and stones at us," the father related. "The police just hurried us off the Mount and told us they would deal with the Arab."

In the meantime, the Arab had apparently managed to escape without detection.

The father, who was hit in the back by one of shoes, turned to legal aid organization Honenu, and together with his sons filed a police complaint against the attacker.

Police later announced that the assailant, a 20-year-old Arab man, had been arrested.

Honenu responded to the incident, announcing it would investigate the police's handling of the case and demanding the attacker be prosecuted.

"There is lawlessness on the Temple Mount and an absurd situation in which Jews are arrested, on suspicion of moving their lips to say a blessing, while Arab incitement and verbal and physical attacks on Jews passes quietly under authorities' noses."

"We demand that the police remove from the Temple Mount anyone who incites against and/or attacks Jews," Honenu added.



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