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Rekindling the Menorah during the Rededication of The Holy Temple


When the Hasmonean priests rededicated the Holy Temple after it had been defiled by the Greek invaders, they were unable to rekindle the golden menorah - it had been plundered by the enemy. Therefore, they made a simple menorah of seven metal poles. This they lit to fulfill G-d's commandment to kindle the menorah in the Sanctuary, until they were able to reconstruct the menorah of gold.

The Al Hanissim prayer recited on Chanuka recounts, "Your children kindled lights in the Sanctuary Courtyard." Though Jewish law prohibits anybody other than a priest from entering the Sanctuary itself, it permits non-priests to kindle the lights of the menorah from the Sanctuary Courtyard. The priest could bring a menorah candle out to the Courtyard to be lit by an Israelite and then return to the Sanctuary to attach the candle again to the menorah.

The above text and images are taken from The Temple Institute's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.



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