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Rosh Chodesh Nisan: The Month of Redemption


The month of Nisan is known as the month of our redemption. This refers both to the fact that our exodus from Egypt took place on the 15th of the month of Nisan, and also to our tradition that the month of Nisan will herald the future redemption of the nation of Israel.

The month of Nisan is the first month of the year, as it was the month that G-d commanded the children of Israel to count as their first month - this being the first commandment that G-d enjoined the Israelites to perform. This enabled them to prepare for the pascal offering and exodus from Egypt according to the schedule that G-d announced.

The first day of the month of Nisan was the day in which the Tabernacle was dedicated by the children of Israel on the second year of their sojourn through the desert, having left Egypt scarcely eleven and one half months earlier.

The month of Nisan is known as the new year for kings, as the year of a king's reign would be marked from the first of Nisan.

It is also the month that determines on which days all the yearly festivals will fall, as all the festivals are marked from Passover, the first of the festivals to occur during the yearly cycle.

The Israelite slaves in Egypt literally risked it all when each family slaughtered a lamb on the fourteenth day of the month of Nisan. The lamb was considered to be a god by the idolatrous Egyptians, and to dare to inflict harm upon a lamb was to surely invite the wrath of Pharoah upon yourself and your loved ones. Yet the Israelites exhibited a courage that would change the course of human history, and set into motion a series of events that would reveal the glory of the one true G-d of Israel to the entire world, and His revelation of the Torah at Mt. Sinai, to His people - the people of Israel.

This same courage that we read about on the Seder night - the first night of Passover - is required of us today, as the nation of Israel must once again defy the current politically correct idolatries being imposed upon us by the Pharaohs of the world - and emerge from servitude to freedom!




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