The Temple Institute: The Priestly Garments: The Materials Used in Weaving the Garments
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    The Materials Used in Weaving the Garments

    "And you shall make the breastplate of judgment, the work of an artist; after the manner of the ephod shall you make it: of gold, sky-blue, dark-red, and crimson dyed wool, and of twisted linen shall you make it." (Ex. 28:6,15)

    The Bible instructs that each thread used in the High Priest's breastplate and ephod must be 28 ply: each thread is made from 6 threads each of TECHELET (sky-blue), of ARGAMAN (purple), of TOLA'AT SHANI (crimson) and of white twisted linen, and 4 threads of PURE GOLD.

    Wool dyed with the authentic, ancient Biblical dyes, "TECHELET" (sky-blue) and "ARGAMAN" (purple), in preparation for the weaving of the breastplate garment. In addition to these colors, the breastplate is also made with wool dyed with "TOLA'AT SHANI" (crimson) and white twisted linen, as well as threads of pure gold. (see Ex. 28:15)

    Wool dyed with the "argaman" purple dye is
    spun into thread for use in the Ephod.

    Crimson colored wool, spun and ready to be included
    in the threads of the ephod, which has been dyed
    with color obtained from the tola'at shani,
    the "crimson worm" (Armenian Conchial Insect)

    Skeins of spun crimson wool.

    The camera captures the speed of the spinning wheel.

    Over 600 meters of thread made of pure gold has been prepared for the weaving of the
    High Priest's breastplate. Each string in the garment is composed of 28 threads:
    6 of TECHELET, 6 of ARGAMAN, 6 of TOLA'AT SHANI,
    6 of white twisted linen, and 4 of PURE GOLD. (see Ex. 28)

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