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Building the Tabernacle in the Desert

The structure of the Camp of Israel as it traveled through the desert was the superlative symbol of the manner in which G-d's glory, the Shechina, dwells in the world. The twelve tribes, according to their flags, camp in a specific encompassing order.

Closer to the center, the dwellings of the various families of the tribe of Levi are located. They are completely dedicated to the Divine work of the Tabernacle, musically accompanying the sacrificial service and carrying the Tabernacle itself whenever the signal to move is received.

The center of the camp is the abode of the Tent of Meeting, covered by the Cloud of Glory. Each Jew, rising in the morning, can plainly see this cloud - the sign that the Divine Presence is resting in the Camp of Israel. In the innermost chamber, the Holy of Holies, stands the Ark of the Testimony containing the word of G-d: The tablets of the law given at Mt. Sinai. The nation is literally concentrated around the Torah - like an army who awaits the commander's orders. A whole nation in obedience to G-d's will.

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