The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: 13 Individual Priests Received Tasks in this Lottery

13 Individual Priests Received Tasks in this Lottery

All told, 13 different priests received appointments in this lottery, for it was conducted in this way:

The priest upon whom the pre-determined number fell was the original, primary winner of the lottery... he receives the first duty, which is the actual slaughtering of the sacrifice.

Following his appointment, the distribution of each of the subsequent tasks are then determined according to the participants' proximity to the winner in the circle, in a fashion that could be compared to the concept of first, second, third prizes, etc.

Thus, the primary winner of the lottery will slaughter the sacrifice, and the priest in the circle standing immediately on his right will receive the blood in the sacrificial vessel, and dash it against the altar; and so on. The third in line receives the next assignment, that of removing the ashes from the incense altar; the fourth merits the privilege of cleansing the menorah.

The details of each of these duties will be discussed in due course. Let us examine each aspect of the service, step by step:

Dawn 1st Lottery 2nd Lottery 3rd Lottery 4th Lottery Temple Watch Daily Song


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