The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: "All Arise!"

"All Arise!"

After having purified themselves in this manner, the priests would return to their quarters and await the arrival of the lottery supervisor. The exact time he would come to the Temple varied; thus those who wanted to participate in the first lottery had to make sure and rise early to purify themselves so they would be ready. He generally came before dawn, when an announcement rang out through the Holy Temple each morning: "Priests, arise and begin your duties! Levites, to your platform! Israelites, man your stations!"

This announcement was the job of one named G'vinay, who faithfully cried out the arrival of each new morning during the era of the Second Temple. Hearing his voice, all would rise and begin their sacred tasks. The Jerusalem Talmud comments that "King Aggripa could hear his voice even up to 8 parasangs away, and he rewarded him with many gifts," (JT Shekalim 5,1).

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