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Background: About the Incense Altar

The Biblical Commands (Ex. Ch. 30)

"And you shall make an altar to burn incense; out of acacia wood you shall make it. It shall be square, one cubit long and one cubit wide, and two cubits high, including its horns. You shall cover it with pure gold, its top, its walls all around, and its horns; and you shall make a gold rim all around it."

"And you shall make two gold rings under the altar's rim on its two opposite side; they shall facilitate holding the poles with which it is carried. You shall make the carrying poles out of acacia wood, and cover them with a layer of gold."

"Place this in front of the curtain concealing the ark of the testimony - before the curtain concealing the testimony area where I commune with you.. Aaron shall burn incense on this altar each morning when he cleans out the lamps. He shall also burn incense before evening when he lights the lamps. For all generations, there will be incense before the L-rd at all times."

"Do not burn any unauthorized incense on it, and do not offer any animal sacrifice, meal offering or libation on it. Once each year, Aaron shall make atonement on the horns of this altar. For all generations, he shall make atonement with the blood of the atonement sacrifice once each year. This altar shall be a holy of holies to G-d."

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