The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: The Dawn Patrol

The Dawn Patrol

After the first lottery was concluded and a winner had been determined, the overseer unlocked the gate to the Temple court with the key he had been given by the priestly family elders. Within the gate of the Chamber of Fire, there was a smaller gate that opened into the court. He opened this smaller entrance, and went through it, out from the Place of the Fire and into the court, with all the priests following him.

The entire party enters into the court. All around the periphery of the court, there is a covered hall of columns. The priests, having exited their own chamber situated on the north side, now split into two separate columns of men. This is the dawn patrol, whose purpose is to check and see that everything in the Temple is in order; that nothing was disturbed during the night and all of the 93 sacred vessels which will be needed to perform the Divine service are accessible and in their proper place.

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