The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: Divisions of Family Groups

Divisions of Family Groups

Each of these 24 groups was further divided into 6 clans, or family branches. Every day of the week was presided over by one family group, and on the Sabbath the week's entire priestly shift worked together.

Those who were entrusted with the service in the Holy Temple attended to their duties with great joy and enthusiasm. Being a descendant of Aaron was indeed a great merit and honor, and they understood full well the importance of their work for all of Israel.

The priests were exceedingly zealous in their missions, and all wanted the opportunity to conduct the Divine services. There were only a specific number of daily tasks, however, and it was impossible for everyone to attend to these at once. In order to give each priest of the shift an equal opportunity to officiate in these holy vocations, a system was devised whereby all those who desired to serve would receive a fair chance to qualify.

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