The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: The Fourth Lottery

The Fourth Lottery

The fourth daily lottery was once again opened for the participation of all priests. In fact, states the Mishna, since it follows the incense drawing which was only eligible to newcomers, by contrast the overseer of this lottery would now cry out "Both newcomers and veterans alike! Let all come to draw lots!"

This gathering now ascertained who merited to bring the parts of the sacrifice from the altar's ramp up to the top, where the sacrifices were consumed in the altar's fire. We will recall that as part of the second lottery, six priests merited to bring the parts of the daily sacrifice from the place where the sacrifices are slaughtered and prepared, and over to the ramp. However, the portions are left there on the ramp, on the eastern side of the lower half. The priest who now wins the fourth lottery is he who will actually bring these segments up to the altar (some claim that the same number of priests who brought the portions over to the ramp - six - now bring them up as well). He who merits to perform this task places the portions on the altar's fire, and pours out the accompanying libations as well.

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