The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: Other Levitical Watch Stations

Other Levitical Watch Stations

In addition to the five gates, four shifts of levites also stood guard duty at the four corners of the Temple Mount, on the inside corners (along the mount's wall). Another five shifts watched at the five gates to the court, and four, at the four outside corners of the Temple Mount.

The remaining 3 watch stations consisted of one shift in the Chamber of Sacrifices; one shift in the Chamber of the Curtain, and one behind the Holy of Holies.

The Chamber of Lambs was one of 4 small chambers located within the 4 corners of the larger Place of the Fire, mentioned above. It was situated in the southwest corner, and in it were lambs which had been checked and determined to be free from blemishes, designated for the daily sacrifices.

The Chamber of the Curtain was used by those who weaved the curtains in the Temple. Its exact location is unknown.

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