The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: The Second Lottery

The Second Lottery

Upon returning to the Chamber of Hewn Stone after the wood piles have been arranged atop the altar, the priests once again gather before the overseer for the second daily lottery. This drawing would determine the distribution of a number of various assignments pertaining to the sacrifice and offering of the tamid, the daily sacrifice.

The overseer called out to the priests to draw for the following tasks:

Which priest would slaughter the sacrifice;
Who would receive its blood and dash it upon the altar;
Who would remove excess ashes from the inner (golden) incense altar within the sanctuary;
Who would attend to the wicks of the menorah, cleansing the cups of used oil and ash;
Which priests (this involved 6 priests) would bring the parts of the sacrifice to the altar's ramp;
Who would bring the fine flour for the accompanying meal-offering up to the altar;
Who would bring up the High Priest's meal offering;
And who would pour the wine libation.

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