The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: Storing the Garments at the Conclusion of the Four Lotteries

Storing the Priestly Garments at the Conclusion of the Four Lotteries

When the priests all arrived in the early morning to participate in the lotteries, they were all attired in the priestly vestments; in the event of meriting in the lottery, each would be able to commence with the sacred tasks immediately. But when the last lottery had been concluded, all those priests who did not receive any tasks in any of the lotteries, now remove their priestly garments and present them to the official in charge of the uniforms, to be put away.

The priests do this in the most modest fashion: they remove their sanctified garments without removing the pants, and put their own ordinary clothes on over the holy pants. Then, they remove the priestly pants from underneath, and replace them with ordinary pants. This way their immodesty was never exposed.

The priestly clothes are then placed into "windows," special cubbyhole lockers which were reserved for the effects of the members of each shift. Each window was labeled "pants," "turbans," etc. so that the items would be stored separately and not in a jumble.

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