The Temple Institute: A Day in the Life of the Holy Temple: Torch-lit Sentries

Torch-lit Sentries

Each column of the priestly patrol is led by a torchbearer (for the sun has not yet risen and it is still difficult to see. On Sabbath nights, they did not carry torches; candles were burning there from before the onset of the Sabbath, to illuminate the path for them - Maimonides). One group went east, and transversed the north and east sections of the balustrade; the second group walked westward, crossing a small portion of the northern side, plus the entire western and southern sides, and a little of the east.

The two rows of priests continued their patrol until they met up with each other at the Chamber of the Meal-Offering Preparation, where the High Priest's daily meal offerings were kneaded and baked. This chamber was in the eastern sector of the court, south of the Nikanor Gates. That group which walked eastward arrived at this chamber first, and they waited there for the arrival of the second patrol (arriving from the west) whose path was longer.

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