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Israel Election Day Visit to the Temple Mount


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A LARGE ASCENT TO THE TEMPLE MOUNT was organized for Israel Election Day. Election Day, in Hebrew, Yom HaBechirot, resonates with an honored name traditionally given to the Holy Temple, Beit HaBechira - the Chosen House. In consideration of this lingusitic connection, and in order to pray to G-d that we may elect strong and proud Jewish leadership, many tens of Jews went up to the Temple Mount early Tuesday morning. Joining the assembly were some forty members of the Rinat Yisrael Synagogue from Teaneck, NJ. They were led by Rabbi Yosef Adler. Over recent years Rabbi Adler has taken many of his congregants up to the Temple Mount, although for many in todays group, this was their first time. The group was guided by the Temple Institute's Rabbi Chaim Richman. Needless to say, proper halachic preparations were taken by all before ascending to the Mount and the group only entered areas permitted by halacha.




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