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this page last updated: Nisan 11, 5774 / April 11, 2014



Passover Offering & Greetings from the Temple Institute

The Passover Seder and holiday is a beautiful remembrance of the miracles G-d performed for us in Egypt and a warm and joyous time for families to get together and give thanks to G-d. But the central and most essential part of the holiday has been missing for two thousand years: the Passover offering itself. The very act of performing the offering is an act of defiant independence, a strike for freedom from the idolatries that lead us from our true purpose: making way for G-d in our world. Chag Pesach Kasher veSameach: A happy Passover to all!





Temple Talk is now available on the Temple Institute YOUTUBE CHANNEL!


This week, as Israel ushers in the glorious month of Nisan, time of rebirth and redemption, we will be reading Parashat Metzora, with its mysterious affliction of homes. The Torah reading intersects with rumors and rumbles reflecting on the shambles of the “peace” negotiations, Israel’s impending release of terrorists and its obscene connection to the possibility of America’s release of Jonathan Pollard, and the conviction of a former Prime Minister on charges of corruption. Leave it to the inimitable Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman to connect all these things and reveal how hand of the G-d of Israel can clearly be seen, guiding His people through time and history, on their journey home to the Land of Israel, and to the ultimate and final redemption… the theme of this month of redemption. A no-holds-barred edition of Temple Talk, not for the squeamish!

Click to hear TEMPLE TALK!


Study, Practice and Reenactment of the Passover Offering  5774

"Speak to the entire community of Israel, saying, "On the tenth of this month, let each one take a lamb for each parental home, a lamb for each household." (Exodus 12:2)

Where: In the courtyard of the Talmud Torah Ma'or HaTorah ('Maimon'), 7 Ben Tzion Street, Kiryat Moshe, Jerusalem

When: "On the tenth day of the first month" of Nisan, Thursday, (10.4.14)


17:00 - 18:45: Studying the Laws of the Passover Offering

  • Rabbi Shabtai Rappaport - Dean of the Beit Midrash of the Institute for Advanced Torah Study,  Bar Ilan University
  • Rabbi Yisrael Ariel - Founder of the Temple Institute
  • Rabbi Uri Cherki - Machon Meir
  • Rabbi Menachem Burnstein - Puah Institute
  • Rabbi Yitzchak Shapira - Od Yosef Chai Yeshiva
  • Rabbi Yoel Schwartz - Dean of Dvar Yerushalaim Yeshiva
  • (During the classes there will be simultaneous activities for children conducted by the Temple Institute's Academy of Temple Studies)

18:45 - 21:00: Practice and Reenactment of the Passover Offering

Conducted by members of the Temple Institute's School for Kohanim

The kohanim will be wearing kosher priestly garments, Hallel will be sung by a Levitical choir, lambs will be slaughtered by the shochet, Rabbi Yehudah Giatt and roasted and prepared according to Biblical law.

Greetings and Blessings by:

  • Rabbi Nachum Eliezer Rabinovitch - Dean of Birkat Moshe Yeshiva, Maaleh Adumim
  • Rabbi Chaim Cohen – (videotaped message)
  • Rabbi Yaakov Meidan - Dean of Har Etzion Yeshiva
  • and other rabbis.

Entrance is Free

A "kezayit" of roasted meat will be distributed to participants

The event will be broadcast live on the Temple Institute's Hebrew website.

For details: The Association of Temple Organizations: 054-5720066

Help to Build the Holy Temple in Our Time


Help to Build the Holy Temple in Our Time


For nearly three decades, the Temple Institute of Jerusalem has led the way in preparing for the re-establishment of the Holy Temple on Mount Moriah. The Institute is dedicated to every aspect of the Biblical commandment, “And they shall make for Me a sanctuary, and I will dwell among them” (Ex. 25:8). The Temple Institute continues to create the authentic vessels for use in the Third Temple, which are currently on display at the Institute’s headquarters in Jerusalem. These vessels have already been seen by over one million visitors to Jerusalem. In addition to the creation of these vessels, the Temple Institute publishes unique educational materials and holds educational seminars, and its representatives teach all over the world. The Institute’s research staff investigates and prepares the scientific and technological aspects of the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, using cutting edge, state of the art methodology.

In honor of the Torah portions focusing on the Tabernacle which are currently being read and studied by the people of Israel, we present a window into the work of the Temple Institute, showcasing the restoration of the Temple vessels, all kosher for use in the soon to be rebuilt Third Temple, made according to the exact requirements and specifications of Biblical law.

Previously posted pictures of Temple vessels:

Please DONATE generously to help the sacred work of the Temple Institute! Every contribution helps to rebuild the Holy Temple in our Time! Click HERE to help.


Weekly Torah Portion: Metzora

Thinking proper thoughts, intending proper intentions, effects every molecule of the environment in which we live, at least here in the land of Israel. With pure and proper intentions we can imbue our physical world with the Holy Shechinah of HaShem.

Metzora (Leviticus 14:1-15:33)
Parashat Metzora is read on Shabbat:
Nisan 5, 5774/April 5, 2014

5th Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day


The Temple Institute's 5th Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day


Save the Date! Sunday March 30th (Adar II 28)
The Most Exciting Temple Broadcast of the Year!


This year's International Temple Mount Awareness Day Happening is made possible, in part, by a grant from the Shraga Family of America.

You can help to sponsor this exciting event by clicking HERE!

Sunday, March 30th, (Adar II 28), the Temple Institute will be hosting its 5th Annual International Temple Mount Awareness Day broadcast. The four hour live stream video broadcast will begin at 5:00 PM Israel time, (10:00 AM Eastern time), and will be rebroadcast for a second showing after a brief interlude. These two broadcasts will give everyone an opportunity to see the entire program, at a convenient time. During both broadcasts, viewers will be able to communicate directly with Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven throughout the live streaming webcast, via our chat-room. (Please note that the chat-room facility will not be live until the actual event.)

Click HERE for complete details and preview!


Canadian Tax-Deductible Donations


Canadian Citizens Can Now make Tax-Deductible Donations
to the Temple Institute!


Our friends and supporters in Canada can now make tax-deductible donations to the Temple Institute via the Ne'eman Foundation. The Ne'eman Foundation maintains offices in Toronto and in Israel, and provides Canadians with the ability to make tax-deductible donations to the Temple Institute in complete accordance with the requirements of Canadian tax legislation.

The Temple Institute is an official recognized afilliate of the Ne'eman Foundation, and can be found on the Ne'eman Foundation website.

Donations to the Temple Institute can be made by cheque written out to the Ne'eman Foundation at either of the following addresses:

The Ne'eman Foundation
75 Lisa Crescent
Thornhill, ON L4J 2N2

The Ne'eman Foundation
P.O.B. 6217
Jerusalem 91060

For more information about making a monthly pledge or donating via Paypal, please visit the Ne'eman Foundation website.


The Upcoming Month of Adar and the Half-Shekel Contribution


THIS UPCOMING SUNDAY AND MONDAY (March 2-3) mark Rosh Chodesh Adar - the beginning of the new month of Adar, the twelth and final month of the yearly cycle that begins with Nisan, ("the first of your months" Exodus 12:2), the month of the exodus from Egypt. When the Holy Temple is standing and the Divine service is being performed daily, the month of Adar is full of preparations for the upcoming Passover pilgrimage festival which begins on the 15th of Nisan. In addition, the month of Adar is the month that the half-shekel is collected.

SHEKOLIM is the name of the group of verses, (Exodus 30:11-16), read in synagogues throughout the world on or before the first Shabbat of the month of Adar. This year it will be read on the Shabbat that immediately precedes Rosh Chodesh, (March 1st). It is as follows:

"And HaShem spoke to Moses, saying: When you take the sum of the children of Israel after their number, then shall they give every man a ransom for his soul to HaShem, when you number them; that there be no plague among them, when you number them. This they shall give, every one that passes among them that are numbered, half a shekel after the shekel of the sanctuary, (a shekel is twenty gera), a half shekel shall be the offering of HaShem. Every one that passes among them that are numbered, from twenty years old and above, shall give the offering of HaShem. The rich shall not give more, and the poor shall not give less than half a shekel, when they give the offering of HaShem, to make atonement for your souls. And you shall take the atonement money of the children of Israel, and shall appoint it for the service of the Tent of Meeting; that it may be a memorial to the children of Israel before HaShem, to make atonement for your souls."

THE HALF-SHEKEL (MACHATZIT HASHEKEL) CONTRIBUTION was given annually for over a thousand years, being interrupted only by Nebuchadnezzar, whose army destroyed the first Holy Temple. The collection of the half-shekel was reintroduced by Nechemia and the returnees from Babylon, in preparation for the reconstruction of the altar and the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. It was halted once more by Titus, the Roman destroyer of the second Holy Temple, in the year 70 ce, and finally banished by the emperor Hadrian some 65 years later.

ON THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH OF ADAR, the public would be notified that the time had come to prepare for the half-shekel contribution. Collection stations would be set up in all the cities and villages of the land of Israel, as well as abroad. The annual half-shekel contribution provided the perfect vehicle for all the nation of Israel, both those of greater means, and those of lesser means, to express their concern and love for G-d and for His Holy Temple.

HAVING COMPLETED THE LOCAL COLLECTIONS, emissaries would then transport the money to Jerusalem, where it would be collected and deposited into the Chamber of the Half-Shekel - located within the Temple Mount complex. Three times during the year the priestly treasurer would fill each of three separate coffers with the half-shekel coins. Three times a year the priestly treasurer would reenter the chamber in order to distribute the money as needed. And what were the half-shekel coins used for? For the purchase of animals for the communal sacrifices, such as the daily offering, and the festival offerings. In addition, the half-shekel contribution was used for the maintenance and enhancement of the Holy Temple and its many chambers and courtyards. The treasurer who entered the chamber was forbidden from dressing in an ostentatious manner, so as to alleviate any suspicion of him having dipped into the coffers for personal gain!

TODAY WE ARE ON THE HISTORICAL EVE of the rebuilding of the Holy Temple and the renewal of the Divine service. An unprecedented spiritual awakening in Israel and around the globe, spearheaded, in great part, by the Temple Institute, is making this reality more achievable than ever before. The half-shekel contribution is every bit a relevant and meaningful expression of devotion to G-d and the rebuilding of His Holy Temple, as it was in the past. We take this opportunity to encourage all who want to play an active role in this great undertaking, to make this upcoming month of Adar, the month of the half-shekel contribution. Click here!


Photo shows typical Jewish "punks" "hell bent on incitement and starting a war!"


Stellar Blogger Employs Tongue-In-Cheek To Describe Untenable Situation: "Extremist Jews On The Temple Mount"


by Camie Davis

Have you heard about the right-wing, extremist Jews on the Temple Mount? They are there to “storm the Al-Aqsa mosque,” which really means, they are trying to start WWIII. Because as Muslim leaders, clerics and liberal Jews have warned, there is really no other reason a Jew would want to ascend and pray on the Temple Mount other than to “push for a holy war.”

Which begs the question: Jews, why aren’t you doing more to stop your fellow Jews from inciting Arabs and starting WWIII? After all, there can be no other plausible explanation or reason why a Jew would want to ascend the Temple Mount other than for subversive, apocalyptic activities. Right?

For instance, a group of Jewish women and children ascending the Mount on Tu Bishvat, had the audacity to try to ascend with dried figs and dates in their possession for a “snack.” But it’s clear that they were there for one reason only. To incite Arabs and start a war. Why else would they be there on a Jewish holiday? Thankfully, the police stopped them and confiscated the contraband.

The diligent police also prevented a young Jewish woman, from ascending the Mount this week. According to the Waqf, her long-sleeved shirt, long skirt, and leggings did not meet Muslim standards of modesty. But the bottom-line was that being a Jew, she was there for one reason only. To incite Arabs and start a war.

The group of Jews arrested on the Temple Mount for singing Hatikva, were definitely there for one reason only. Why else would a group of Jews express their national pride and identity other than to piss off an Arab? Really, Jews have nothing better to do with their time...

Camie's full blog can be read can be read here. The blog is also archived here. Visit and like Camie's own Facebook page, Rebuild the Temple Now.

Fight for Jerusalem


Temple Institute Founder Rav Yisrael Ariel Calls on Fellow Rabbis to Fight for Jerusalem and Temple Mount: "Government To Split Jerusalem –
Where Are The Rabbis?"


Israel National News (Jan. 23, 2014) Rabbi Yisrael Ariel wonders at fellow rabbis’ silence over plan to give away Jerusalem holy sites.

The government is planning to cede several sites in ancient Jerusalem to Muslim and Christian ownership, and Israel’s rabbis remain silent, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel has accused.

“There is a terrible plan, called the ‘holy basin,’ to split Jerusalem between Christians, Muslims and Jews,” Rabbi Ariel said, speaking to Arutz Sheva.

Rabbi Ariel, who heads the Temple Institute, continued, “The Christians will get the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Mount Zion, the Muslims will get the Temple Mount, and we Jews will need to visit the Kotel (Western Wall) under the auspices of the Palestinian Authority.”

The Palestinian Authority (PA) denies the Jewish connection to the Western Wall, and PA TV has labeled Jewish worship at the holy site “sin and filth.”

Even if Jewish worship at the Kotel were to continue freely, the loss of access to the Temple Mount would be highly significant. The Temple Mount is the holiest site on earth according to Judaism, and is the place where the First Temple and Second Temple once stood.

The complete article can be read here. The article is also archived here.

Muslim Waqf Holy Temple Denial


The Muslim Waqf's All-New Holy Temple Denial Pamphlet


(Jan. 20, 2014) The Muslim Waqf, in whose able hands the government of Israel has placed the practical management of the Temple Mount, has this week begun distributing on the Mount a printed pamphlet entitled "Al Aqsa Mosque: Clarifications for Misconceptions," whose contents offer up a complete and utter denial that the Holy Temple ever existed on the site of the Temple Mount. The booklet contains the following headings:

  • "Dome of the Rock and NOT the Holy of Holies"

  • "Ribat Al-Kurd and NOT the Little Wailing Wall"

  • "Marwani Prayer hall and NOT Solomon's Stables"

  • "Al Buraq Wall and NOT the Wailing Wall"

  • "Al Aqsa Mosque and NOT the Temple"

This, of course, is a complete reversal of the Wakf pamphlet "A Brief Guide to Al Haram Al Sharif" which was published before the establishment of the State of Israel, in which it is stated emphatically that the site of the Temple Mount is "universally recognized" as the location of the Holy Temple and that its identity with location of Solomon's Temple is "beyond dispute." The material presented in "Al Aqsa Mosque: Clarifications for Misconceptions" is simply astounding by virtue of the utterly ludicrous, Kafkaesque lies that are stated within.

Why is the Waqf doing this now? Is it because they are terrified by the great increase in Jewish visits to the Temple Mount, and by the successful media campaign that the Temple Institute has waged in the international media, clearly demonstrating the centrality of the location and its importance to the Jewish people? In other words, we are winning, and they are running scared, trying even harder than ever to undermine Jewish connection to the Temple Mount. This is a testimony to the progress the Temple movement is making in spreading Holy Temple consciousness and reviving the love felt by every Jew for the Holy Temple.

Click here to see the entire Waqf Holy Temple Denial Pamphlet. WARNING: What you read inside may sicken you!

Temple Mount Report Ignites Concern


Temple Mount Report Ignites Concern over
Israel’s Preservation of Holy Site


Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute talks to Josh Hasten of the Jewish News Service about the recently revealed Israeli State Comptroller’s report on the intolerable situation on the Temple Mount. Click here to read. Archived here.

2000 Year Old Techelet Dyed Fabric


2000 Year Old Techelet Dyed Fabric: Close-Up


On December 30th the Ptil Tekhelet Organization hosted a conference in Jerusalem in honor of the centennial of Rabbi Yitzchak Halevi Hertzog's doctoral dissertation, "The Dyeing of Purple in Ancient Israel," which first suggested the murex snail to be the ancient source of the biblical blue techelet dye used in making tzitziyot, (fringes, Numbers 15:38), and the me'il techelet, (blue tunic) of the Kohen Gadol, (Ex. 28). The Ptil Tekhelet Organization today produces techelet tzitziyot based on Rabbi Hertzog's findings.

At the conference Dr. Naama Sukenik from the Israel Antiquities Authority revealed for the first time that an ancient remnant of woven fabric was tested and found to contain blue dye derived from the murex snail made famous by Rabbi Hertzog's research and used today by Ptil Tekhelet.

2000 Year Old Techelet Dyed Fabric


The Temple Institute has worked with Ptil Tekhelet to create the me'il techelet of the Kohen Gadol that can be seen in the Institute's Holy Temple Visitors Center.

The Me'il Techelet


The Me'il Techelet (Blue Robe) of the High Priest - For Use in the Soon to be Rebuilt Holy Temple


Made by the Temple Institute with the very same murex snails used to dye the ancient fabric remnant featured in our previous posts, the me'il techelet comprises the largest piece of techelet-dyed fabric in modern times. The techelet was provided by the Ptil Tekhelet organization, which pioneered the revival of the manufacture of techelet from the murex snails.

The me'il techelet can be seen at the Temple Institute's Holy Temple Visitors Center, where all the garments of the High Priest (Kohen Gadol) are on display.

Click here to learn more about the me'il techelet and the other garments of the High Priest and the lay priests.

The photo above shows the complete blue robe on the left and a detail of the hem of the robe, lined with golden bells and woven pomegranates, on the right.

Ten Gates to the Temple Mount. Only One Open to Non-Muslims


Ten Gates to the Temple Mount. Only One Open to Non-Muslims


Today, as on every other day, (Sunday through Thursday), on any given week of the year, many hundreds of tourists from all around the world line up early in the morning adjacent to the Dung Gate security entrance to the Western Wall Plaza. These tourists have come to see the Temple Mount. In truth, they have come to see the Holy Temple, but until that is built, (soon, in our days), they desire only to see and traverse the place in which it will be built.

The line begins to form before 7:00 AM and soon stretches all the way past the Dung Gate, for hundreds of meters, trailing off into the City of David. Many of these tourists will fulfill their dream of entering the Temple Mount. Many of them won't. But all of them will wait for three hours or more in the wind and the rain, the snow and the sleet, and, in the summer months the blistering heat of the sun, hoping to get in.

There are ten functioning gates that currently enter into the Temple Mount. Nine of those ten gates are exclusive for Muslims. Non-Muslims, if they approach any of these nine gates, will not be allowed to enter. Muslims enter these gates freely, without having to undergo even the most rudimentary of security checks. Furthermore, these nine gates are open seven days a week, twenty four hours a day.


Ten Gates to the Temple Mount. Only One Open to Non-Muslims


The one gate through which all non-Muslims are allowed to enter is open from 7:30-10:00 AM, and 12:30-1:30 PM, five days a week. The long line of tourists need to pass through a ramshackle police structure which contains two entrances. Every tourist undergoes a basic security check, (for observant Jews the security check is much more severe). The two narrow entrances, plus the security check, plus the often lackadaisical and not infrequent belligerent attitude of the police adds up to a very slowly advancing line. As mentioned above, many of the patiently waiting tourists never even make it to the security check before the gate is closed and the Temple Mount once again becomes Muslim-only for the remainder of the day.

What is the justification for this discriminatory and humiliating policy? Is the Temple Mount more holy to Muslims than to non-Muslims? Actually, not. Is the Temple Mount too small to contain all these hundreds of people at one time? The Temple Mount covers an area of some thirty seven acres and can readily accommodate tens of thousands of people at one time.

Tourists who have saved up and made the trip to the Holy Land, perhaps for the only time in their lives, are turned away at the holiest site in the land. If they are fortunate enough to enter the Temple Mount they are witness to a spectacle of abuse and disdain for the holy site, but that is a topic for another day.

The injustice cries out to heaven. It is high time Israeli and Jewish leaders and public figures demand drastic change in the status of the Temple Mount. It is time to remove the discriminatory policies, introduce equality and freedom of worship, and begin to show official care and concern for the site itself, the place of the Holy Temple.

Government Cover-up Exposed


Government Cover-up Exposed: Temple Mount: Comptroller's Report 2010


On September 14th, 2010, Israel's State Comptroller published a 63 page Hebrew report, (English abridged translation is 47 pages), examining government policy concerning the Temple Mount. Prime Minister Netanyahu was so alarmed by the grave nature of the report that he immediately set out to have it suppressed. Only this past week has it been published for the first time for all to see by the The Jewish Voice website.

The report describes a situation in which the Prime Minister of Israel is the sole arbiter of Israeli policy on the Temple Mount. In practice, the Prime Minister has stripped the Antiquities Authority and the Jerusalem Municipality of their lawful authority over the archaeological remnants on the site and any construction at the site, and has placed this authority in the hands of the police, who, in turn, acquiesce to every demand of the Muslim Wakf, for the purpose of "maintaining the peace" on the Temple Mount. In short, the Prime Minister has, without any government decision or authorization, handed sovereignty over on the Temple Mount to the Jordanian based Muslim Wakf.

To learn more, and to read the original report in English or Hebrew, please click here.

Let My People Go


"Let My People Go, That They May Serve Me."
Exodus 7:26 (From this week's parashat Va'era)

Jewish Prayer On The Temple Mount Is Our Right!


If you are interested in ascending the Temple Mount please contact us via our website, by email at, or via our facebook page. Rabbi Richman guides Jews and non-Jews on the Temple Mount every week.

For more information on halachic preparations for ascending the Temple Mount, please click here.

Times of London


The Times of London are Guests of Rabbi Chaim Richman on the Temple Mount and in the Temple Institute's Holy Temple Visitors Center


"A frisson runs through the faithful as the group of skullcapped Jews ascend the stone platform.

Murmurs of “God is Greatest” arise from the Muslim worshippers leafing through the Koran outside al-Aqsa mosque, growing into a cacophony.

The Jewish group presses on regardless, trailed by armed Israeli police and a Jordanian minder. Provocateurs or pilgrims, they are part of a growing movement demanding the right of Jews to pray at the place known to them as the Temple Mount, the site of their destroyed temple, now one of Islam’s holiest sites.

Once viewed as dangerous extremists, they are finding favour at the highest levels of the Israeli Government, embraced by a nationalistic wing of the ruling coalition that seeks to extend Jewish control over all the disputed sites in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict..."

To read the complete article, please click here.

AP Story


Associated Press Article on Temple Mount with Rabbi Chaim Richman Reaches 100s Of 1,000,000s of Readers on Web and in Print

AP writer Daniel Estrin was recently the guest of Rabbi Chaim Richman on the Temple Mount. Estrin's article about the growing demand for Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount and Judaism's millennial old prayer and contemporary plans to build the Holy Temple has been picked up by 1000s of websites and 1000s of newspapers worldwide.

Click here to see the story on the AP website. (We have archived the story here.) Click here to see some of the sites which have carried the story. If you have seen the article elsewhere online, please share with us the URL!

If you have read the article in a local newspaper, please snap a photo and send it to us and we will post it on Facebook!

Building The Third Temple: Making it Real


Building The Third Temple: Making it Real


The Jewish Link of Bergen County interviews Rabbi Chaim Richman


Jerusalem—As the Jewish calendar passes Chanukah and continues into the month of Tevet, an unusual transformation unfolds. Less than two weeks ago, Jews worldwide were celebrating a holiday of victory and unity, of rebuilding and returning. Yet on the tenth day of Tevet, these same individuals are in mourning.

Over two millennia ago, Asara b’Tevet was the beginning of the end of the first Temple, when Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, began his siege on Jerusalem ending with the ultimate destruction of the holy structure and exile of the Jews from Israel. Even now, about 2600 years later, as the city that Nebuchadnezzar besieged has since been rebuilt and modernized, we still fast on this tragic day. To help those who have difficulty reconciling the conflicting feelings of destruction and reconstruction, JLBC visited Mechon Hamikdash (The Temple Institute), a unique organization whose sole purpose is to rebuild what has been twice destroyed—one piece at a time.

Mechon Hamikdash is rebuilding the Bet Hamikdash in the belief that “if you build it, he (the Messiah) will come,” an idea backed by no less than 30 different positive commandments in Leviticus, and most commentators on the Torah and the Talmud.

To read the full story, please click here.

The article is also archived here.

Temple Mount Snowscape


Temple Mount Snowscape

The city of Jerusalem is currently being blessed by its greatest snowstorm in modern times. Snow began falling in the holy city late Wednesday evening and as of Friday morning the snow is still falling. It is being predicted that the snow will continue to fall over Shabbat. The city has, so far, been blanketed with more than 50 centimeters (20 inches) of snow.

The Mugrabi Gate police took advantage of the snow storm by deciding to close the Temple Mount on Thursday to all non-Muslims. Tens of Jews who had braved the cold and the snow, after being assured by the police that the Mount would be open, had to turn around and head home.

We remember with appropriate awe that when the Holy Temple is standing the Divine service takes place each and every day, come rain, come shine, come 50 centimeters of freezing snow. The daily offerings are performed, the menorah is kindled, the incense is offered, and the kohanim do all this while barefoot and clothed in their priestly garments. Parkas and wool-lined snow-boots are not part of their wardrobe. The altar fires are kept going and the Levites accompany the offerings with song, as they do on every other day.

Something to think about while you are cosily tucked in under your warm blankets. Especially if you are a kohen!

Three Days in Tevet


The eighth, ninth and tenth days of the month of Tevet are each considered dark days in the history of Israel. At one time each of the three days was observed by a fast. Today we fast only on the tenth. What happened on these three days?


The 8th: The Septuagint


Click here to learn about the translation of the Hebrew Torah into Greek, known as the Septuagint, which occurred on the 8th of Tevet.


The 9th: The Passing of Ezra and Nechemiah


The 9th of Tevet marks the passing of Ezra and Nechemiah who led the Jews exiled in Babylon back to Jerusalem. Click here to learn more about their crucial role in Israel's history.


The 10th: Breaching the Walls of Jerusalem


The 10th of Tevet marks the beginning of the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem in the year 586 BCE. Click here to learn more.

Prayin' in the Rain


Neither Rain Nor Sleet... On the Temple Mount in a Winter's Storm

At last the blessed rains have arrived in the land of Israel! But neither the cold nor the driving rain could keep Jewish worshipers from ascending the Temple Mount this morning. The police at the Mugrabi security check were shocked to see these dedicated Jews arrive early in the morning on a day so wet with rain that not a single tourist was waiting on line to visit the Mount.

"Just singin' and prayin' in the rain..."

Jewish Activists Want to Pray on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount


Jewish Activists Want to Pray on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount, Raising Alarm in Muslim World


The Washington Post is hosted by Rabbi Chaim Richman on the Temple Mount and it the Temple Institute's Holy Temple Visitors Center


JERUSALEM — A small but growing movement by Jewish activists demanding the right to pray at the site of their destroyed temple, in the heart of this disputed capital’s Old City, is creating a potentially explosive clash with the Muslim world, which considers the spot holy and bans Jews from public worship there.

Each week, hundreds of Jews ascend the creaky wooden ramp built above the Western Wall and enter what is often called the most contested real estate on Earth. Many then embark upon a game of hide-and-seek with their police escorts — whispering forbidden prayers while pretending to talk into cellphones, and getting in quick but banned bows by dropping coins and then bending to pick them up.

Their proposals, long dismissed as extremist, are now being debated in the Israeli parliament and embraced by an expansionist wing in the ruling coalition government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

For the full story, click here!

The aeticle is also archived here.


Sky News on the Temple Mount with the Temple Institute

On November 14, 2013, Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute hosted SKY NEWS on the Temple Mount and inside the Temple Institute's Holy Temple Visitors Center.


Staking a Jewish Claim to the Temple Mount

On November 4, (Rosh Chodesh Kislev), Yitzchak Reuven was interviewed by France 24 television atop the Temple Mount and at the Temple Institute's Holy Temple Visitors Center.

Later the same day, the Knesset Interior Committee met to discuss and promote the Jewish right to worship on the Temple Mount, site of the Holy Temple. The video clip shows Israeli Arab Knesset members shouting at the Jewish Knesset members that there is no such thing as the Temple Mount and that any attempt to guarantee freedom of worship to all religions on the site will be met by Arab/Muslim violence.

The rabbi who is quoted at the close of the video clip saying that "we gave up our own heritage and our own rights and our own possibilities, for the sake of peace and calm," has absolutely no connection to the Temple Institute, and is expressing his own personal opinion only.

Chanuka: So Much More Than Eight Great Days


Chanuka: So Much More Than Eight Great Days


Today we celebrate eight days of Chanuka, but during some 250 years following the victory of the Macabees over the Greek/Assyrian tyrant Antiochus, until the destruction of the Second Temple by the Roman general Titus, the eight day Chanuka celebration was only one of a number of days set aside for commemorating the Hasmonean victory over our enemies, and the reversal of the evil decrees imposed upon the Jews of the land of Israel, by Antiochus, who sought to uproot the Torah, banishing the light of G-d from the world, and casting humanity into a perpetual darkness. Learn more about the days set aside to honor the Hasmonean victories over the Greek oppressors during the time of the second Holy Temple.


Rabbi Yisrael Ariel Conducts Holy Temple Menorah Lighting Rehearsal

At 3:15 in the video we see the kohen fill the lamps with oil. At 4:00 he makes the appropriate blessing for kindling the Holy Temple menorah. At 4:45 we see the kohen kindle the western lamp, and using the lit wick of the western lamp he proceeds to light the adjacent wick. Repeating this five more times, he kindles all seven lamps.


Dry Run: Lighting the Temple Menorah


On Tuesday evening, the seventh night of Chanukah, (and Rosh Chodesh Tevet), the Temple Institute conducted a practice run of the kindling of the seven branched Menorah that stands in the Holy Temple. The event was actually the climax of a week-long operation that had been meticulously planned in advance. Several select olive oil producers from Judea and Samaria were chosen to harvest and process their olives according to the specific halachot (laws) regarding the production of the pure olive oil for the Temple Menorah. On Tuesday evening the producers gathered together at the Zion Gate entry into Jerusalem's old city. From there they marched into the old city's Jewish Quarter, to the Menorah Square, where the golden Menorah created by the Temple Institute stands, carrying jars containing their specially produced olive oil.

Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute, oversaw the lighting ceremony, explaining in detail the halachot of preparing and kindling the seven Menorah lamps. The Menorah was kindled by the kohen Rabbi Eliezer Goldschmidt, dressed in priestly garments. It should be noted that the Menorah that was kindled was not the golden Menorah created by the Temple Institute and ready for use in the Holy Temple. That Menorah can only be kindled in its properly designated place inside the Holy Temple. A second Menorah, made specially for the evening's undertaking was used.

The organizers of the event previously had sent out invitations to the Minister of Religious Services and the mayor of Jerusalem to join in the practice run, asking for their authorization to conduct the lighting ceremony on the Temple Mount, in the precise location where the Menorah is intended to stand. They noted that the entire ceremony could take place with out harming any existing structure on the Temple Mount. The invitations went unanswered.

This rehearsal was yet another important step toward the rebuilding of the Holy Temple and a loud and clear expression of the people of Israel's burning desire to perform the daily commandment of kindling the Temple Menorah and renewing the Divine service.


Chief Rabbi David Lau Visits the Temple Institute


On Wednesday evening, (Dec. 4), the eighth night of Chanukah, the newly appointed Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau, and his wife Tzipporah were the special guests of the Temple Institute at the Institute's new Holy Temple Visitors Center. The evening opened with Rabbi Lau lighting the Chanukah lamps, after which he, along with notable rabbis, supporters of the Temple Institute, the architect and designer of the new visitors center, representatives from the Shweiki family whose generous support made the new visitors center possible, and the entire staff of the Temple Institute, were guided through the Visitors Center by Temple Institute founder, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel.

Rabbi Lau expressed deep interest in the Temple vessels created by the Institute, and paused for an in-depth discussion of the garments of the High Priest with Rabbi Ariel. Rabbi Lau was visibly moved when he watched the parochet curtain open up to reveal a model of the Ark of the Covenant resting in the Holy of Holies.

In concluding remarks, Rabbi Lau praised the work of the Temple Institute, and expressed gratitude for being able to see in real life sacred objects that he has spent his life studying in the abstract. The rabbi voiced his hope that these vessels will soon be in use in the rebuilt Holy Temple.

To view more photos of the event, please click here.

Reconnecting to Our Heart


"...The glory of this latter Temple will be greater than that of the first,
said Hashem, Master of Legions;
and I will grant peace to this place –
the word of Hashem, Master of Legions"
(Haggai 2:9)






The month of Kislev is intimately bound up with the Holy Temple. It is a time of year when the highest form of Divine light begins to illuminate the world. The Holy Temple is the repository of this light, and in these very days, the Temple Mount is beginning to shine forth with this very light, touching all humanity. What is the secret of Divine light, and how will it return to the world? With G-d's help, Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute in Jerusalem will be speaking in the United States during the month of November 2013. His unique message will inspire you, and he will share a special report from the Temple Institute along with firsthand knowledge of the changing reality in the Land of Israel and of the powerful spiritual struggle taking place at its heart – Mount Moriah, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.


Speaking dates and locations:


Abilene, TX - Nov 6th at 7 pm

  • Courtyard by Marriott, 4350 Ridgemont Dr
  • For Abilene information please contact 325-698-0169



Roswell, NM - Nov 11 at 7 pm

  • Comfort Suites, 3610 N Main St
  • For Roswell information please contact 325-698-0169


El Paso, TX - Nov 12 at 7 pm


Lubbock, TX - Nov 14 at 7 pm

  • Koko Palace, 5101 Ave Q
  • For Koko Palace event information please contact 806-777-4787


Lubbock, TX - Nov 17 at 1 pm

  • Rabbi and Mrs. Richman
  • South Plains Hebraic Center, 809 Inler Ave
  • For South Plains Hebraic Center information please contact or 806-773-3760
  • Sunday schedule: Rabbi Richman 1:00 PM
  • Mrs. Rena Richman 3:00 PM
  • for private meetings with Rabbi and Mrs. Richman in the Lubbock area Nov 18-19 please contact or 806-773-3760


Chabad Lubavitch of Cape Cod - Shabbat, Kislev 27 (Nov. 29-30)

  • 745 West Main Street, Hyannis, MA 02601
  • For Cape Cod event information please contact 508-775-2324



11 Marcheshvan: Yortzeit Rachel Imenu:
The Anniversary of the Death of the Matriarch Rachel


"So says HaShem: A voice is heard on high, lamentation, bitter weeping, Rachel weeping for her children, she refuses to be comforted for her children for they are not. So says HaShem: Refrain your voice from weeping and your eyes from tears, for there is reward for your work, says HaShem, and they shall come back from the land of the enemy. And there is hope for your future, says HaShem, and the children shall return to their own border." Jeremiah 31:14-16

Rashi relates (Genesis 48:7) that Yaakov explained to his son Yosef that his mother (Rachel) was "buried on the road to Ephrat, which is Bethlehem" (Genesis 35:19) because in the distant future when Israel would be exiled from their land they would pass by her grave as they were being driven out and she would weep for them and pray on their behalf, and G-d would offer her comfort, assuring her as to their ultimate return, as is described in the words of Jeremiah above.

The painting depicts the exiles carrying the Temple vessels as they are being driven out of Jerusalem by the Romans, as the flames from the Holy Temple can be seen rising in the background. In the foreground a group of Jews throw themselves upon Rachel's tomb as her image can be seen rising up and praying on their behalf.


Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount:
The Changing Reality

By "Pushing the Envelope" Temple Mount Activists are effecting change for the good on the Temple Mount.


As we have been reporting, the numbers of Jews ascending the Temple Mount in accordance to halacha, (Jewish law), has been steadily increasing and in recent months we have seen these numbers reaching a critical mass. This is due, in great part, to the constant efforts of the Temple Institute and other Temple Mount organizations, as well as rabbis of stature who are calling upon their students and the general public to reacquaint themselves with the Temple Mount.

Yet in spite of the increased presence of Jews on the Temple Mount, which has forced the issue of Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, (and Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount), to front and center in the media, (both national and international), and public discourse, the police continue to enforce draconian measures forbidding Jews from any expression of faith on the Temple Mount. This is in spite of the fact that Jewish freedom of worship on the Temple Mount is guaranteed by Israeli law.

In actuality the increased number of Jews on the Mount at any given time has made it much more difficult for the police to enforce their own rules, and spontaneous, unorganized prayer has become more frequent. And while on some occasions the police will seem to be easing up, on other occasions, such as this past week's violent arrest of Temple Institute founder Rabbi Yisarel Ariel for allegedly prostrating himself on the Mount, the police decide to take the law into their own hands in an attempt to intimidate Jews from exercising their G-d given and Democratic right to pray in the holiest spot on earth according to Torah.

This week Temple Mount activists decided to put an end to this intolerable situation and performed a premeditated act of Jewish worship on the Temple Mount, beginning with the shema prayer, prostration and other prayers. In addition, the group of thirteen Jews unfurled an Israeli flag that they succeeded in "smuggling" onto the Mount, and sang Hatikva, the national anthem of the state of Israel. For all this the thirteen were promptly arrested by the police.



After being held for several hours by the police the thirteen were brought before a judge whose hostility toward them was palpable. The thirteen appealed to a higher court, and when they were brought before the Jerusalem District Court the judge ordered their immediate release, for, after all, they had committed no crime! It should be noted that despite ordering their immediate release the judge nevertheless slapped a two week restraining order, (from the Temple Mount), and a 2,000 shekel fine, on each of the thirteen. In spite of these measures, it is our expectation that the judge's quick dismissal of the police's "case" against the worshippers will greatly inhibit the police reliance on their self-proclaimed draconian, but illegal, prohibition of Jewish worship on the Temple Mount.

Temple Mount activists plan to continue and step up their prayer activity on the Mount with the intention of establishing a new norm on the Mount that sanctions freedom of worship for all in this holy place.

In response, Muslim extremists are crying foul and threatening violence, as they continue their attempt to drive a wedge between the Jews and the Temple Mount. The threat of Arab violence is no doubt the main reason behind the police hostility toward Jewish prayer and presence on the Temple Mount , as they find it easier to harass a relatively small number of Jews than to curb the violence of a large number of Arabs. But enforcing the law, guaranteeing citizens their rights and punishing those who seek to deprive others of their rights is, in fact, the task of the police, a fact that they will have to get used to as the number and nerve of Jews ascending the Temple Mount continue to rise.

We see this development as a major step forward in our battle to reclaim our Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, the reinstitution of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, and ultimately, the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, may we accomplish this soon in our day!



By Rabbi Chaim Richman


In his latest op-ed penned for The Jerusalem Post, Rabbi Chaim Richman makes the connection between spiritually hyper-active Tishrei, "sleepy" Marcheshvan, the dedication of the Third Holy Temple, and the revolutionary return of Jewish presence to the Temple Mount taking place today.

To read the rabbi's words, please click here.

To see the original piece as posted in The Jerusalem Post, click here.


The Temple Institute together with the Nation of Israel, Mourns the Passing of the Rishon L'tzion, Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef, Zt'l, one of the Greatest Torah Sages of Our Time


Photograph: Temple Institute founder Rabbi Yisrael Ariel receives a blessing from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef of blessed memory, upon the occasion of the latter presenting an approbation for the Hebrew edition of Rabbi Ariel's "Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple."


The Week of the Rambam


October 6 -10, the Temple Institute will be celebrating Maimonides’ 6th of Cheshvan (Oct. 10th) ascent to the Temple Mount with articles posted daily describing the Rambam’s life and times, his visit to Israel and the Temple Mount, and the commandment of Mora Mikdash - showing reverence for G-d on the Temple Mount. To keep abreast of our daily article, visit this page, join us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

To begin day one, and learn about Rambam's early life in 12th century Spain and North Africa, click here.

To read day two, and discover what awaited Rambam in the land of Israel, held by the crusaders, click here.

To proceed to day three, and read in the Rambam's own words of his perilous journey through Israel and his ascent to the Temple Mount, click here.

To go to day four, and learn about the Rambam's own reflections on his ascent to the Temple Mount, click here.

On day five, view a four minute video shot stop the Temple Mount, where we recreate the Rambam's historic visit, and learn about the Rambam's life in Egypt. Click here.

Click here to download our Week of the Rambam artwork.


The New York Times Video Report on the Temple Mount


"More mainstream Jews are seeking to enter and pray at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, one of the most contested religious sites in the world, which Muslims call the Noble Sanctuary."


Photo shows Rabbi Richman and Jodi Rudoren on the eastern flank of the Temple Mount.


The New York Times Takes on the Temple Mount:
"Jews Challenge Rules To Claim Heart Of Jerusalem"


[On Monday, September 16, Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute guided NY Times correspondent Jodi Rudoren on her first ever visit to the Temple Mount. The following article and video is the direct result of Jodi's time with Rabbi Richman on the Temple Mount and in the Temple Institutes Visitors Center.]

"JERUSALEM — Small groups of Jews are increasingly ascending the Temple Mount in Jerusalem’s Old City, a sacred site controlled for centuries by Muslims, who see the visits as a provocation that could undermine the fragile peace talks started this summer.

For decades the Israelis drawn to the site were mainly a fringe of hard-core zealots, but now more mainstream Jews are lining up to enter, as a widening group of Israeli politicians and rabbis challenge the longstanding rules constraining Jewish access and conduct. Brides go on their wedding days, synagogue and religious-school groups make regular outings, and many surreptitiously skirt the ban on non-Muslim prayer, like a Russian immigrant who daily recites the morning liturgy in his mind, as he did decades ago in the Soviet Union."

To read the complete NY Times report, please click here.



The Temple Institute wishes all our friends and supporters, all who attach themselves to the G-d of Israel, and the entire House of Israel a Chag Sukkot Sameach - חג שמח סוכות - A Joyful Sukkot!


Picture shows the kohen carrying a golden flask of water from the Shiloah (Siloam Spring) on his way to the Holy Temple via the Gate of Water, for the purpose of performing the water libation ceremony upon the great altar.

Click here to learn how Sukkot was celebrated in the Holy Temple!



This Sukkot – A Taste of Aliya L'regel to the Beit HaMikdash!
A Halachic tour of the Temple Mount and a tour of the Temple Institute Visitors Center.
Click here to register!


Monday, 19 Tishrei 5774 – 4th Day of Chol HaMoed -
Sept. 23 2013


This Chol HaMoed Sukkot, Machon HaMikdash (The Temple Institute) is proud to partner with Manhigut Yehudit and invite you to join in an unforgettable adventure in Yerushalayim! The half-day tour begins in the morning with a unique tour of the holiest place on earth: the permitted areas of Har HaBayit, strictly in accordance with halacha. (Note: the tour does not draw near to the sanctified areas at all, but only walks in the outer periphery that are permitted by Jewish law). A visit to the Temple Mount is extremely meaningful, both as a spiritual and an educational experience: the "place that Hashem chose," location of the Beit HaMikdash, focal point of the relationship between man and G-d. Learn where the Beit HaMikdash stood and what it will look like in the future. How will it be rebuilt? What will this mean for the future of Israel and all mankind? The tour will be led by Rabbi Chaim Richman, director of the Temple Institute's International Department and one of the foremost authorities on Har Habayit. Rabbi Richman has led hundreds of tours to the Temple Mount.

After our visit to the Temple Mount, Rabbi Richman will personally guide us in the newly-opened Holy Temple Visitors Center, the Temple Institute's new headquarters in the Old City. The beautiful new center, with its state of the art presentation, affords an entirely new level of understanding and experiencing the concept of the Beit HaMikdash. In addition to the Institute's famed restoration of the Temple vessels, the new center simulates an actual visit to the Beit HaMikdash.

Both tours will be conducted in English.


Schedule: Monday, 19 Tishrei 5774 – 4th Day of Chol HaMoed - Sept. 23 2013

  • Meet at Mugrabi Gate for Aliya to the Har Habayit 8:45 AM (click here for map)
  • Aliya to Har Habayit 9:00 AM
  • Tour of the Temple Institute's New Holy Temple Visitors Center begins promptly at 11:30 AM
  • Special Greeting by the Hon. Moshe Feiglin, MK - Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and Founder, Manhigut Yehudit 12:15 PM
  • The special price for this unique event is $18.00 per participant. Registration and pre-payment is required.
  • In the event that ascent to the Temple Mount is inaccessible there will be an alternative activity to the aliya.


Not able to attend, but would like to participate?

  • Email us your name and we will mention you on the Temple Mount in prayer. We won't be able to accommodate messages, so please just send us your name and the name of your mother/father.
  • You can become a sponsor of the event. Just go to the form and send in your sponsorship.



The Temple Institute Featured in Sao Paulo's Folha De S. Paulo: Instituto-Tenta-Criar-Terceiro-Templo-Judeu


With this we wish a Shana Tova and Gmar Chatima Tova to our many Portuguese speaking friends and supporters in Brazil!

"Folha has the biggest circulation among the largest Brazilian newspapers… and is regarded as one of the most influential daily news vehicles in Brazil. Among daily newspapers, Folha has also the news Website with the largest number of visitors." (from Wikipedia) To read please click here.


The Temple Institute Featured in Britain's Prestigious Telegraph Newspaper


TheTelegraph, one of Britain's most important and influential newspaper's, features a full-length article about the Temple Institute, interviewing Rabbi Chaim Richman. The article appeared in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine, and now appears on The Telegraph's combined print and online readership is 8.82 million! To read please click here.


Growing Jewish Presence on the Temple Mount: As Photographed by Clandestine Muslim Photographers


Thanks to the dedicated work of Muslim Wakf and Al Aqsa Foundation employees who are paid to photograph Jews who enter the Temple Mount, we are blessed with photographs of the more than 100 Jews who ascended the Temple Mount in purity today. (These photographs were posted on Muslim websites.) Today's Jewish worshippers on the Temple Mount included Israel's Housing Minister Uri Ariel, Shai Malka and Michael Fuah of Manhigut Yehudit, candidate for the Jerusalem City Council in the upcoming Jerusalem municipal elections, Mr. Dov Kalamnovitz, Rabbi Eliezer HaKohen Broyer, Rabbi Pinchas Angel, and the Temple Institute's own Rabbi Chaim Richman, and many more good Jews - men, women and children - from all over the land of Israel.

It is the very presence of these Jews in the one place on earth where they are commanded by G-d to see and to be seen and to pray to and praise their Creator that so upsets the Muslims who claim exclusive rights to the Temple Mount and deny any Jewish spiritual or historical connection to the place of the Holy Temple.

To view more photographs from the aliya, please click here.

It is of the utmost importance that more and more Jews rediscover their love for the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple which, when rebuilt, will reunite man and G-d on a level unattainable today and reestablish G-d at the center of human consciousness and endeavor. This is why the Temple Institute encourages all Jews and Gentiles who love the G-d of Israel to ascend the Temple Mount in purity.

For this very purpose, the Temple Institute is conducting a special Aliya L'regel visit to the Temple Mount on the fourth day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot, September 23rd. The ascent will focus on the Sukkot experience in the Beit HaMikdash.

After the Temple Mount visit participants will continue to the Temple Institute's New Visitors Center, where they will be guided through the exhibit by Rabbi Chaim Richman. At the conclusion of the visit, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin MK, will address the group on the importance of Jewish sovereignty and prayer on the Temple Mount.

We have been blessed with a very positive response so far, and hope that many more people will be able to join us.

For more information and to register for the tour, please click here.


130 Hesder Yeshiva Students Visit the Temple Mount


On Tuesday, September 10th, close to 200 Jews ascended the Temple Mount in purity, 130 of whom were students from the Birkat Moshe Hesder Yeshiva in Ma'ale Adumim. The Yeshiva is led by Rabbi Nachum Rabinovitz, one of the world's leading experts on the Rambam, (Maimonides). The students were accompanied by Rabbi Yitzchak Shilat and Rabbi Baruch Brenner. The police would not allow the group to enter the Mount together, but divided them up into five separate groups.

The students were able to pray on the Mount, as can be seen in some of the photographs.

In addition, a group from Kiryat Arba-Hevron involved in the re-establishment of the Israelite watches of the Holy Temple, (המעמדות), also ascended and were able to pray and recite psalms.

Despite the many hardships and stumbling blocks placed in their way, Jews continue to ascend the Temple Mount in ever increasing numbers.

To view more photographs from the aliya, please click here.

The Temple Institute is conducting a special Aliya L'regel visit to the Temple Mount on the fourth day of Chol HaMoed Sukkot, September 23rd. The ascent will focus on the Sukkot experience in the Beit HaMikdash.

After the Temple Mount visit participants will continue to the Temple Institute's New Visitors Center, where they will be guided through the exhibit by Rabbi Chaim Richman. At the conclusion of the visit, Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Moshe Feiglin MK, will address the group on the importance of Jewish sovereignty and prayer on the Temple Mount.

For more information and to register for the tour, please click here.

The Temple Institute's Year in Review


5773: The Temple Institute's Year in Review


As we approach Rosh HaShana, the New Year, it is appropriate for every individual to reflect and take stock on all that we have accomplished over the past twelve months, and to strive for self-improvement. The Temple Institute has many accomplishments to be proud of throughout this past year, and at the same time we are equally focused on the goals we have set before us for the upcoming year.

Click here to see and read about some of the Temple Institute's highlights for the year 5773, as well as upcoming projects for 5774!

Care of the Menorah


One Step Closer to the Holy Temple: Then and Now: The Incense Offering (הקטרת הקטורת)


On the evening of Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, the 14th day of Elul, 5773, the Temple Institute, in cooperation with Mishmeret Kehunah (the Organization for the Renewal of the Priestly Shifts) and other Temple organizations inaugurated a new school dedicated to teaching kohanim the 'lost' art of performing the daily Tamid service in the Holy Temple.

That evening, for the first time since the destruction of the Holy Temple, a historic practice drill of the daily Tamid offering was reenacted by a group of contemporary kohanim-in-training. As you can see in these side-by side comparisons of "then and now," this event brings the time of the renewal of the Divine service closer than ever before!

THEN AND NOW: The sages teach that the incense offering was the most beloved part of the service in G-d's eyes. This twice-daily service required the participation of three kohanim. When the incense was finally scattered over the coals, a straight column of smoke rose up to the ceiling, spreading out and filling the entire Sanctuary.

Care of the Menorah


One Step Closer to the Holy Temple: Then and Now: Daily Care of the Menorah (הטבת המנורה)


On the evening of Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, the 14th day of Elul, 5773, the Temple Institute, in cooperation with Mishmeret Kehunah (the Organization for the Renewal of the Priestly Shifts) and other Temple organizations inaugurated a new school dedicated to teaching kohanim the 'lost' art of performing the daily Tamid service in the Holy Temple.

That evening, for the first time since the destruction of the Holy Temple, a historic practice drill of the daily Tamid offering was reenacted by a group of contemporary kohanim-in-training. As you can see in these side-by side comparisons of "then and now," this event brings the time of the renewal of the Divine service closer than ever before!

THEN AND NOW: One aspect of the daily service of the menorah requires the priests to clean the seven individual cups that hold the oil. The spent wicks are removed and replaced with new wicks, and the oil is replenished.

Sounding the Trumpets


One Step Closer to the Holy Temple: Then and Now: Sounding the Trumpets


On the evening of Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, the 14th day of Elul, 5773, the Temple Institute, in cooperation with Mishmeret Kehunah (the Organization for the Renewal of the Priestly Shifts) and other Temple organizations inaugurated a new school dedicated to teaching kohanim the 'lost' art of performing the daily Tamid service in the Holy Temple.

That evening, for the first time since the destruction of the Holy Temple, a historic practice drill of the daily Tamid offering was reenacted by a group of contemporary kohanim-in-training. As you can see in these side-by side comparisons of "then and now," this event brings the time of the renewal of the Divine service closer than ever before!

THEN AND NOW: On the western side of the ramp adjacent to the altar, two tables were placed, one of marble and other of silver. On the silver table the sacred vessels that were used for the Tamid service were placed. On the marble table the parts of the offerings were placed before they were brought to the the altar. Following the Tamid service, two priests would stand on this table and blow trumpets (חצוצרות) as a signal for the Levitical choir to begin singing.

Waving the Sudar


One Step Closer to the Holy Temple: Then and Now: Waving the Sudar


On the evening of Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, the 14th day of Elul, 5773, the Temple Institute, in cooperation with Mishmeret Kehunah (the Organization for the Renewal of the Priestly Shifts) and other Temple organizations inaugurated a new school dedicated to teaching kohanim the 'lost' art of performing the daily Tamid service in the Holy Temple.

That evening, for the first time since the destruction of the Holy Temple, a historic practice drill of the daily Tamid offering was reenacted by a group of contemporary kohanim-in-training. As you can see in these side-by side comparisons of "then and now," this event brings the time of the renewal of the Divine service closer than ever before!

THEN AND NOW: As the designated priest prepared to pour the wine libation (atop the altar, far left) the assistant High Priest would wave a kerchief (סודר), signaling his colleagues below to sound the cymbals and blow the trumpets. The Levites would play the harps and the lyres and begin to sing a psalm. When they came to a break in the psalm, the trumpets were sounded and the people would prostrate themselves toward the Holy of Holies (at left).

The Chamber of Pinchas the Outfitter


One Step Closer to the Holy Temple: Then and Now: The Chamber of Pinchas the Outfitter


On the evening of Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, the 14th day of Elul, 5773, the Temple Institute, in cooperation with Mishmeret Kehunah (the Organization for the Renewal of the Priestly Shifts) and other Temple organizations inaugurated a new school dedicated to teaching kohanim the 'lost' art of performing the daily Tamid service in the Holy Temple.

That evening, for the first time since the destruction of the Holy Temple, a historic practice drill of the daily Tamid offering was reenacted by a group of contemporary kohanim-in-training. As you can see in these side-by side comparisons of "then and now," this event brings the time of the renewal of the Divine service closer than ever before!

THEN AND NOW: In the Second Temple there was a special chamber called "The Chamber of Pinchas the Outfitter." In this chamber the garments of the both the High Priest and the ordinary were stored. Each week, when the new shift of kohanim would arrive, they would open the particular closet of that shift and each kohen would take garments according to his size.

The First Lottery


One Step Closer to the Holy Temple: Then and Now: The First Lottery


On the evening of Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, the 14th day of Elul, 5773, the Temple Institute, in cooperation with Mishmeret Kehunah (the Organization for the Renewal of the Priestly Shifts) and other Temple organizations inaugurated a new school dedicated to teaching kohanim the 'lost' art of performing the daily Tamid service in the Holy Temple.

That evening, for the first time since the destruction of the Holy Temple, a historic practice drill of the daily Tamid offering was reenacted by a group of contemporary kohanim-in-training. As you can see in these side-by side comparisons of "then and now," this event brings the time of the renewal of the Divine service closer than ever before!

THEN AND NOW: The first lottery of the day is held to determine who will merit to attend to the first service of the day. The lottery takes place within the holy area of the Chamber of Hewn Stone. There, the kohanim stand in a wide circle, while the overseer stands in the middle. For more information about how the lottery was conducted, please click here.


Exclusive: Temple Institute Opens New School For Training Priests


On the evening of Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, the 14th day of Elul, 5773, after a 2000 year 'summer break,' school reopened to teach kohanim (Jewish men of priestly descent) the 'lost' art of performing the daily Tamid service in the Holy Temple.

The detailed laws of the Divine service in the Holy Temple have always been accessible in the volumes of Jewish tradition. But now, for the first time in two millennia, an organized academy has been inaugurated to prepare for the renewal of Temple service. The grand opening of the academy began with a semi-dress rehearsal/dry run of the entire daily service from start to finish, reenacted step by step.

For the purpose of this unique educational endeavor, special educational tools and props were used, representing the necessary vessels. A figure of the lamb offered up in the daily service, and a small scale altar, were also created exclusively for study purpose.

The evening was not open to the public. Some twenty men, young and old alike, of kohanic descent (direct lineal descendants of Aharon, the first High Priest), participated in the rehearsal. Some of these men donned actual priestly garments manufactured for them by the Temple Institute. The garments are constantly being prepared, and as there were not enough garments available, others sufficed with white shirts and pants for this dry run. All of the kohanim were barefoot, as they are forbidden from wearing shoes while attending to their sacred tasks within the confines of the Holy Temple.

The large group of enthusiastic onlookers in attendance included students and family members, as well as a special contingent of women representing the "Women for the Holy Temple" group, who were active in planning and preparing every aspect of the evening.

The reenactment was overseen by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, founder of the Temple Institute, who drilled the kohanim in the particular instructions for each of the individual actions that make up the daily service. Leading the kohanim was Rabbi Baruch Kahana, who conducted each of the four daily lotteries and distributed the specific assignments to various kohanim. All these activities as described in the Mishna and other sources of Torah understanding.

An atmosphere of great excitement prevailed throughout the entire evening and profoundly affected all those assembled – 'players' and audience alike. All were emotionally charged and visibly moved with the knowledge that here in Jerusalem, these sacred tasks are being reenacted, for the purpose of studious preparation, for the first time since the destruction of the Holy Temple. Despite the limited space and all the typical pressure which accompany first time efforts, the overall effect was spell-binding, as we witnessed a sacred ceremony, first described in Torah four thousand years ago, yet not attended to for two thousand years of exile, suddenly come to life before our very eyes. All at once, ancient texts and descriptions took shape as today's descendants of Aharon, the first high priest and father of all kohanim, worked diligently to perform their assigned tasks.

With G-d's help, the Temple Institute, in conjunction with other Temple organizations, will be making great advances in Temple preparation with the establishment of this new school, whose sole purpose is teaching kohanim their unique privileges and responsibilities toward G-d and toward the people of Israel, as well as all humanity. The numerous priestly tasks which make up the daily Tamid service, as well as the holiday and Shabbat service in the Holy Temple require a complete command of every detail of the task at hand, perfect concentration, and pure intentions. As always, this is achieved through practice, practice, practice! Welcome back to school, kohanim! May you use your skills soon, in the newly rebuilt Holy Temple!

Click to see a photo album of Tuesday evening's dry run of the Tamid daily service.

I love Elul


Weight of the Fall

Sunday, August 18, 2013


The following powerful statement is written by a righteous Gentile:


It’s Elul. And I love Elul. A lot. But this year I feel like my record player is stuck on Tisha B’av and won’t move on to the next song called “Elul.”

I’m an optimist; the-glass-is-half-full kind of person. I easily see beauty all around me: a pristine blue sky being overtaken by thunderheads... a spontaneous hug between my children... a beautiful wedding picture posted on Facebook... I see beauty everywhere. But instead of going out into the beauty of the field this Elul to meet the King, I feel like staying inside with the door locked and curtains drawn. My record seems stuck on the recurring thought that despite all the perceived beauty, life is so lacking. I feel hit over the head with the reality that the true essence of each moment is missing and that the beauty I see is like fool’s gold; it may shine, but it’s not real. And it’s not real because the building blocks of reality were broken. They crumbled the day the Temple fell. And so, it seems, we have been trying to build all the moments of our lives with dust instead of with solid stones.

Click to read the complete article.


Back On Top The Temple Mount: August 11/5 Elul

After having been forced off the Temple Mount for one month, Jews ascending the Mount in purity returned today in great numbers. From the moment the Temple Mount was reopened to non-Muslims at 7:30 this morning, many dozens of Jews could be seen on the Mount.

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute had the privilege of guiding Moshe and Chava Docks on their first visit to the Mount. Moshe and Chava and their two children made aliya to Israel just three weeks ago, and took advantage of the very first opportunity to make aliya again, this time to the place the Holy Temple.

Please click here to view the photo album.


Prayer and Protest Against the Closure of the Temple Mount to Jews

On the morning of Rosh Chodesh Elul, (Aug 7, 2013), hundreds of Jews protested the prolonged closure of the Temple Mount to non-Muslims. Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute describes the Jewish longing for the Holy Temple amid the current unlawful and immoral banning of Jews from the Temple Mount.

The month of Elul, in which G-d's presence is so near and reflection and repentance is upon the hearts of all G-d fearing people, cries out for the reunion of man and G-d - on the Temple Mount!

The Happiest Day of the Year!


Prayer and Protest: Open the Temple Mount to Jews!

On the morning of August 7, (Rosh Chodesh Elul), upwards of 200 dedicated Jews arrived at 7:30 AM at the locked Mughrabi Gate entrance to the Temple Mount for Rosh Chodesh Elul prayer and to register their pain and anger that the Temple Mount has been shut down to Jews throughout the month-long Muslim Ramadan.

The posters seen in the picture read, (from left) "Netanyahu, We Want to Go Home," which can also be read as "Netanyahu, We Want to Go to the Bayit (Beit HaMikdash) - the Holy Temple," and, on the right, Netanyahu's name, with a Roman twist, is added to the list of Roman emperors who destroyed the Holy Temple and banished the Jews from ascending the Mount.



Ramadan on the Temple Mount: Prayers or Politics?

[TI - While Jewish worshippers have been prevented from entering the Temple Mount for the duration of Ramadan, so as not to upset the Muslim faithful, the article below describes the type of sensitive, soul-searching activity the Muslims have been engaged in on the Temple Mount: Holding mass rallies at the Aqsa Mosque in support of of Ismail Haneyya, (head of the rabid anti-semitic genocidal Hamas of Gaza), Mohamed Morsi (the deposed Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian Premier and bloodthirsty Jew hater), and Turkish premier Recep Erdogan (anti-semitic sponsor of the Mavi Marmara terror flotilla to Gaza).]

The following item was originally posted on the Occupied Palestine blog site:


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Thousands of Palestinians rallied last night in the courtyard of the Aqsa Mosque chanting slogans in support of Palestinian premier Ismail Haneyya, the kidnapped Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi and Turkish premier Recep Erdogan.

The participants chanted slogans hailing Hamas and its armed wing, and condemning the Palestinian authority for arresting its cadres and supporters in the West Bank.

During the night prayers, the Aqsa Mosque imams, in turn, supplicated God for helping Gaza people overcome the blockade imposed on them.

They also prayed for the Syrian and Egyptian peoples and asked God to help them against their oppressors.

[The photo montage above is comprised of photos taken of Ramadan prayers. Note: Muslims pray toward Mecca, with their backs to the place of the Holy Temple.]



Monday, August 5, 2013


The following powerful statement is written by a righteous Gentile:


After the Israeli government recently closed the Temple Mount to Jews until August 11, MK Moshe Feiglin, who vehemently disagrees with the closure, issued a clarion call asking that at least 1000 Jews assemble at the locked gates of the Temple Mount to protest the closure. Will the Jewish populace in Israel react to this call with a yawn or with the roar of a lion?

Sometimes one can become so accustomed to his surroundings that he forgets to be fully aware of, much less appreciative of what is right in front of him. I'm afraid this somnambulistic state afflicts many Jews who live in Israel when it comes to the Temple Mount.

Rabbi Nachman once said, “Wherever I go, I go to Jerusalem.” No matter where he was physically, his heart and mind were always in Jerusalem. Was Rabbi Nachman’s sentiment equivalent to Tony Bennet leaving his heart in San Fransico? Hardly. Rabbi Nachman’s spirit was attached to Jerusalem deeply because he knew it was the point of his attachment to Hashem.

Pleasee click here to read the full article.


A Guide to the Month of Elul


The month of Elul, last month of the Hebrew calendar year, is an auspicious time for repentance, prayer and introspection. These are special days of Divine good will and mercy, and the very essence of these days bespeak the basic human need for closeness with the Holy One, blessed be He... and His immediate and unequivocal response.

Elul has a history of being a time prepared for forgiveness:

  • Following the episode of the Golden Calf and G-d's subsequent forgiveness of the people, Moses ascended to Mount Sinai again on the first day of the month of Elul and remained there for 40 days. He descended on the 10th day of Tishrei - Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement - with the second set of tablets and the message of atonement and forgiveness. Every year, this 40-day period is repeated and brings with it the opportunity - and the challenge - to prepare ourselves for the awesome experience of the fast-approaching High Holy Days, when every nation, and each and every human being, will be judged.
  • The word Elul in Hebrew is actually an acronym, an abbreviation of the Hebrew words Ani l'dodi v'dodi li, "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine" (Song of Songs 6:3). This verse from the Song of Songs is actually the theme of this very special month: realizing how beloved we are to G-d, and how precious our relationship with Him is. Elul reminds us that G-d constantly beckons us to return to Him. During this month, we seek to improve our relationship with G-d and with each other.
  • Although a person can repent at any time of year, still, because the days of Elul are days of special mercy and Divine good will, it is a time that is especially conducive to repentance and making amends: "Seek the L-rd when He is found, call Him when He is near" (Isaiah 55:6). Elul is the time "when He is near." Our great sages call Elul the time when "the King is in the field." The analogy is to a great and powerful king who pays a surprise visit to his subjects while they are at work in their fields. For the average man, the king is so inaccessible; away in his palace, distant and removed. He never dreams he will actually see the king, let alone speak with him. Then suddenly, one day, while this man is bent over his menial labor in the field, he feels a gentle tap on his shoulder... he turns around and to his shock, it is the great king himself who is standing over him; he has come to visit, explaining that he wanted to be close to his loyal subjects, to investigate their situation and give them the opportunity to ask for their needs. This is the true meaning of Elul... this is the time to call out to Him!
  • This is the time for repentance of every sort... on an individual level, a national level, and a global level. And the science - or rather, the art - of "repentance" isn't about just moving away from "sin," from negative actions. True repentance is constant, daily spiritual growth. Within the heartbeat of all creation, a feeling of thankfulness and humility is beating in unison, in constant awe and wonder of the greatness of the Creator. The repentance of Elul is manifest by the desire to deepen the recognition of our relationship with G-d; to grow closer every day.

As another year draws to its conclusion, and we begin preparing to enter a new year, we at the Temple Institute pray that this coming year bring many blessings to you and your family, and to the entire world! We extend our heartfelt thanks to our friends and supporters for everything that you continue to do to help the Temple Institute with its holy work of rebuilding. Together, may we all be inscribed in the Book of Life for this New Year, and merit to stand together in the rebuilt Holy Temple... this very year!


An Unexpected Challenge to Muslim Holy Temple Denial


A Muslim Admission: Al Aqsa Mosque is on "Borrowed Ground"

The Muslim Wakf, which administers the Temple Mount, in coordination with the Palesinian Authority and the Islamic Movement in Israel, have been conducting a sustained international campaign of Holy Temple denial. In an attempt to rewrite history and claim Muslim exclusivity to the Temple Mount, the contemporary Muslim world denies that there ever existed a first or second Holy Temple. This is in direct contradistinction to the offical Wakf publication of its English language tour guides from the 1920s, 30s and 40s, in which specific reference is made on page four, paragraph two, proudly announcing the Temple Mount's inexorable connection to the Holy Temple built by King Solomon on land purchased by King David, complete with a reference to II Samuel 24:25.

A second reference to the Second Temple is made on page sixteen, again in the second paragraph describing the underground chamber known as Solomon's Stables. Quoting the Jewish historian Josephus, the document cites the "conquest of Jerusalem by Titus in the year 70 AD."

Both references were deleted in the 1950s, after the kingdom of Jordan gained control over the Temple Mount Muslim Wakf. (Fascimiles of both versions can be seen by clicking here.)

In addition, for over ten years the Wakf has been overseeing the wholesale destruction of Holy Temple archaeological remnants, and the building of a vast underground "mosque" in the southern half of the Mount, all for the same purpose of keeping the Jews and the state of Israel away from the holy site.

In an amazing twist, this syndrome of Muslim Temple denial has been exposed by no less than a Muslim writer, Dr. Qanta Ahmed, who describes a recent visit to the Temple Mount and bears witness to the unquestionable pre-Islamic history of the site, and the existence of the Holy Temple long before the invasion of Islam. The passages below are excerpted from a Times of Israel blog written by Dr. Qanta Ahmed. Dr. Qanta Ahmed is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the State University of New York (Stony Brook), as well as a non-fiction author. The blog describes her personal journey as a Muslim to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Dr. Ahmed's frank observations, quoted below, shed great light on the duplicity and evil intention of the Temple denial propaganda being spewed by official Muslimdom. Dr. Ahmed writes:

"Leaving the Dome, we walked South, on to Al Aqsa. It was hotter still. At the doorway, four men gently chatting took in the scene of the American tourist and her guide. Patiently, they waited for the Asr prayer. My spirits lifted. This was a more animated scene, their expressions, refreshingly benign."


"Low domed roofs arched overhead, each rendered in the same limestone. Pleasing corridors stretched in longitudinal halls. Here and there, a lone woman studied her Quran. Other than that, Ibrahim and I were alone. We walked around the corner and, approaching a smaller vestibule, we confronted enormous columns. Their diameter deeper than the height of a tall man, they were disproportionate to the low roof. Each of the massive pillars were carefully supported by modern concrete abutments and steel girdles. These pillars looked much older. They didn’t belong to Al Aqsa. Nearby, Ibrahim pointed out the roof overhead. A distinct break in the brickwork was evident."

“'This was the entrance to the Second Jewish Temple that was here before Al Aqsa. You can see it is absolutely distinct.' And without doubt, it was easy to see, this had been a place of worship for Jews centuries before. Perhaps we were standing at the gate. Somehow, these hardy arches, these massive pillars had escaped even the Romans’ determined destruction of the Second Temple. Before this place was made ours, it had clearly been theirs. We were on borrowed ground. Incredible at something so ancient, confronted with the profound reality preceding Islam, we fell into the shared silence of young believers."

The complete blog can be seen here.




Come out to protest in MASSIVE numbers against the unprecedented decision by the police to close the Temple Mount to Jews for two weeks - an unconscionable police action that shows the Muslims that it pays BIG to riot there!

Let's make our voices heard LOUD AND CLEAR that:

We the Jewish People will NEVER allow our holiest site, the home of the Creator of the Universe and our holy Beit HaMikdash, to be surrendered to the Muslim enemy!

WE DEMAND that the Temple Mount be IMMEDIATELY and PERMANENTLY opened for Jews and other non-Muslim tourists!

WE DEMAND A PERMANENT END to the government's capitulation to Muslim provocations and violence against Jewish visitors to the Mount! It's time for the police to clamp down FORCEFULLY (and yes, violently, if necessary) on the Muslim provocateurs - no matter how many - and to restore order on the Mount and to remove the Muslim provocateurs once and for all!

WE DEMAND that the police uphold the Supreme Court decision to allow Jews freedom of worship on the Temple Mount, ending the willful violation of their basic rights by preventing them from doing so! This includes being allowed to pray aloud, bow, prostrate oneself, sing, dance, etc.

We DEMAND A PERMANENT END to the practice of forbidding Jews to carry with them religious objects such as siddurim, Tehillim, tallit, Magen David, etc. to the Mount!

WE DEMAND A PERMANENT END to the practice of assigning Waqf guards and policemen to follow religious Jews all over the Mount out of suspicion that they might pray, and allow freedom of access to the Mount to Jews without any interference or harrassment from anyone!

Friends, now is the time for us to show the government and the police that we care about Har HaBayit, by flooding the entrance to the Mount in MASSIVE numbers, in the THOUSANDS! The more of us there are, the bigger and more impressive! As Rabbi Chaim Richman (International Director, the Temple Institute) said: "If this situation passes quietly, we will have reached a point of no return. The police are testing the waters: how important is the Temple Mount to the Jewish public? Our message - and the message of Jews around the world - must be clear: the Temple Mount is the heart and soul of the Jewish people, and WE WILL NOT ABANDON IT AGAIN."

Next Wednesday - Rosh Chodesh Elul - 7 August at 7:30 a.m. (the time the gate to the police station leading to the Mughrabi Gate entrance Har HaBayit is supposed to open) - we will all gather to show the world that we will fight The Good Fight to maintain the Jewish People's hold on Har HaBayit!



Protesting the Decree of Netanyahu


A protest is taking place at this moment at the locked entrance to the Temple Mount. Seen in the photo are Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin, (left) and Temple Institute founder, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, (right). The protesters are protesting the fact that Prime Minister Netanyahu has declared the Temple Mount off-limits to all non-Moslems until after the conclusion of Ramadan on August 8th.

Police have allowed marauding bands of Moslems who verbally and physically threaten all non-Moslems who enter the Mount. At the same time, King Abdullah of Jordan, who controls the Temple Mount Moslem Wakf has committed himself to rid the Mount of Jews.

The sign in the photo reads: Titus-Hadrianus-Netanitus, comparing Netanyahu to the Roman emperors who destroyed the Holy Temple and banned Jews from the Mount.


Temple Talk Radio: Seeing the Blessing & The Curse


The Voice of Your Brother's Blood Cries Out to Me

Hashem, Your G-d is Testing You, to Know Whether You Love Hashem...

In these waning end days of the month of the Consoling Father, consolation is indeed in order, and much needed, as the citizens of the State of Israel grapple with the government's mind-boggling decision to free 104 convicted murderers and torturers of Jewish men, women, children, and unborn children, as a "pre-condition" to the next round of suicidal, self-destructive "peace talks." This week's edition of Temple Talk finds Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Richman in somber reflection, brutal analysis and heartfelt prayer, plugging everything in to this week's Torah reading of parashat Re'eh. Ultimately our fate is not determined in Washington - it is to be determined here, in the Land of Israel, as G-d tests His people, whom He calls in this very week's Torah portion His "children" and His "treasure," urging them through these events to return to Him and to set the course of their own destiny back on track.

Click here to listen to this week's Temple Talk.


BREAKING NEWS: In Unprecedented Capitulation to Moslem Threats of Violence Government Orders Temple Mount Closed to All Non-Moslems Through Aug 11th


It has just been reported that in an unprecedented capitulation to Moslem threats of violence, the government of Israel has ordered the Temple Mount closed to all non-Moslems until the conclusion of the Ramadan holiday on August 11th.

Needless to say, this is in direct violation of the rights of non-Moslems to visit the holy site.

In a direct, and apparently successful bid to keep Jews off the Temple Mount, Moslems have been instructed to maintain a 24 hours a day, seven day a week presence on the Temple Mount. Moslems are being directed by their clerics to remain on the Mount throughout the entire night.

Police have allowed an unrestrained Moslem lynch-mob to develop on the Temple Mount, which verbally and physically accosts all non-Moslems on the Mount.

Video footage of this lynch-mob was posted yesterday by the Temple Institute. In it can be seen a large police presence witnessing the violent harassment of a single Jew on the Mount, but refraining from taking any action to stop or arrest the perpetrators of incitement and violence. The video can be seen here.




Parashat Re'eh teaches us how to properly conduct the affairs of the nation of Israel in the land of Israel. It warns us against false prophets who preach transgression and weak leaders who make "painful decisions" which are nothing less than gross violations of everything that Torah teaches us, attempting to lead Israel into pacts with foreign cultures and false gods, foisting a Moloch-like death cult upon the righteous people of Israel.


Jordanian King Pledges to Fight "Judaization Of Jerusalem"


In an interview with Israel National News, Rabbi Chaim Richman, Director of the International Department of the Temple Institute, which campaigns for greater Jewish greats on the Temple Mount, expressed his frustration at "the absurd idea that the government of Israel recognizes the so-called 'historical role' of Jordan in Jerusalem. Jordan has absolutely no claim to Jerusalem whatsoever."

"The fact that we cow-tow and grovel before a foreign element like Abdullah and ascribe some kind of role to him on Judaism's holiest site, is an illustration of the low level we are on nationally."

Click here to read the whole story.


Moslem Hatred on the Temple Mount


This footage of Moslem hatred and incitement was proudly taken by a Moslem on the Temple Mount and originally uploaded by the Arab website The original title in Arabic translates roughly as "A response to a single Jew who attempted to enter the Temple Mount."

The welcome committee of hate is organized and sponsored by Raed Salah abu shakra antisemitic hate-monger and head of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel.

While it can be acknowledged that the police presence most definitely prevented a lynching, their utter passivity is shameful. This is not an isolated incident. It has become the standard reception every Jew receives upon entering the Temple Mount in recent months. The presence of large numbers of Moslems on the Temple Mount due to Ramadan has escalated the violence and incitement against Jews. In the face of this abuse and even occasional physical violence against the Jewish visitors, the police do nothing. The perpetrators are protected instead of prosecuted, and the Jews are removed or even arrested, and the Mount is closed to Jewish visitors.

It is the most basic and profound right of Jews to enter and to pray upon the Temple Mount - the site of the Holy Temple - the holiest place on earth according to Torah truth. Israel's failure to guarantee this right is reprehensible.


Ramadan Trash on the Temple Mount


These photos were taken on Sunday, July 28, and capture a small sampling of the piles of trash left behind by Moslem Ramadan picnickers on the Temple Mount. Meanwhile, today, Monday July 29, Jews were not allowed to ascend the Mount, (for the 3rd time this month), without explanation. When Jews are allowed to ascend during this month of Ramadan they are accosted by an Arab lynch-mob of screaming men, women and children and stone-throwers. Ostensibly, the police accompanying the Jews is what prevents actual murder from taking place. The police, however, do not pursue the purveyors of hate-speech or the stone-throwers.

In recent weeks the Jews have been prevented by the police from traversing the entire (hallachically permitted areas of the) Temple Mount, and direct the Jews to exit the Mount within minutes after entering. In summation: Trash yes, Jews no.

Click here to see.


IBA News Report: The Temple Institute's New Holy Temple Visitors Center


During the first week of the month of Av, the Israel Broadcasting Authority's Elli Wohlgelernter was taken on a tour of the Temple Institute's New Holy Temple Visitors Center. The IBA broadcast the interview on the eve of Tisha b'Av, (July 15th).


Tu b'Av: The Happiest Day of the Year!


And they said, "Behold, there is a yearly festival to HaShem in Shiloh, which is to the north of Beit-El, on the east side of the highway that goes up from Beit-El to Shechem, and to the south of Levonah. And they instructed the children of Binyamin, saying, "Go and lie in wait in the vineyards. And you will see, and behold, if the daughters of Shiloh come out to dance in the dances, then you shall come out of the vineyards and you shall grab for yourselves each man his wife of the daughters of Shiloh, and go to the land of Binyamin." (Judges 21: 19-21)

Just seven days after the fast day of the ninth of Av come Tu b'Av, described by our sages as one of the two happiest days of the year for Israel, (along with Yom Kippur). Click here to learn about Tu b'Av.


Tisha B'Av 2013: The Children Are Ready II


On Tisha B'Av, the Jewish people mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple. Seated on the floor as mourners, the adults in the synagogue recite the traditional kinnot dirges. But is the goal simply the continuation of the mourning, for the sake of mourning? The children have a different idea of what needs to be done... Tisha B'Av 5773: The Children are Ready II depicts an emotional journey that begins in a synagogue during the traditional mourning and lamentations of the 9th of Av and ends with a dramatic twist in which the next generation demonstrates their willingness for change and an end to the mourning. The two and a half minute video is likely to emotionally shake up Orthodox Jewish communities worldwide by reframing the holiday, focusing away from the past and towards the future.

Although there is no speaking in the film, there is an English version and a Hebrew version, with different names:


9th of Av: A Time to build


Learn about two thousand years of efforts to rebuild the Holy Temple.


150 Jewish Children Bring Joy and Hope to the Temple Mount


Are we witnessing a "Children Are Ready" effect? On Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av, (July 8th), hundreds of Jews made a pilgrimage to the Temple Mount, (in strict accordance with halacha), in order to commemorate the new month of Av. Among the many Jews who ascended the Mount was a group of 150 Jewish children, boys and girls of all ages. Their unprecedented visit was organized by The Association of Temple Organizations, coordinated in advance with the police.

The moms, dads, and kids who answered the call to include a trip to the Temple Mount among their summer vacation plans, received a letter of blessing and support from the revered Rabbi Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba.The police insisted on dividing the gathering into three separated groups, fearing a violent response from Moslems on the Mount if all 150 children plus their parents were together.

The children and parents were led through the permitted areas of the Temple Mount by a guide who taught the children about the history and importance of the Temple Mount and of the Jewish longing to rebuild the Holy Temple and renew the Divine service. At one point a number of the children performed the hishtachavia - prostrating themselves upon the ground, an act of worship commanded to all Jews on the Temple Mount, but strictly forbidden by the police. Not surprisingly the police were not pleased by this expression of piety, but refrained from taking any action.

After concluding their visit to the Temple Mount, the children prayed the traditional Rosh Chodesh prayers and then sat down for a festive Rosh Chodesh meal.The irrepressible spirit expressed by the children reflects the same spirit of vision and determination expressed in our video, The Children Are Ready II, bringing hope and joy to the hearts of all who long and work toward the rebuilding of the Holy Temple.

To view photos of the children's aliya to the Temple Mount, please click here.


The Temple Institute's 32nd Annual Holy Temple Conference


On Monday, July 8th, Rosh Chodesh Menachem Av, the Temple Institute will be hosting its 32nd annual Holy Temple Conference.

The conference is being held in the auditorium of Yeshivat HaKotel, and will begin at 4:00 PM and conclude at 7:30 PM.

Entrance is free! Participants will be treated to a guided tour of the Temple Institute's new Holy Temple Visitors Center, (at the low cost of 10 shekel per ticket).

For additional information,, or call, 02-626-4545.




Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the waters of the old way of doing things, like mourning on Tisha b'Av...

the children are here to enlighten our eyes...

Premiering on the eve of Rosh Chodesh Av, (1:00 PM, Sunday, July 7th):





We have begun our traditional three week period of mourning for the Holy Temple, but are we really in touch with what we are mourning for? Are we ready to put an end to the mourning forever? The real people of Israel are ready, and poised in their hearts to rise up and build the Holy Temple...


The Golden Menorah, Moshe Feiglin And The Temple Mount


For many years, Knesset Member Moshe Feiglin has made certain to ascend the Temple Mount on the 19th of every Hebrew month. The 19th of Tammuz was this past Thursday, (June 27th), and in light of the fact that he has been banned from entering the Temple Mount by the direct order of Prime Minister Netanyahu, MK Feiglin met with supporters and fellow ascenders of the Temple Mount for morning prayer at the plaza of the golden menorah in Jerusalem's Old City, which overlooks the Temple Mount. At the conclusion of the prayer, all who had assembled at the menorah ascended the Temple Mount, with the exception of Moshe Feiglin. Many tens of Jews from around the nation entered the Mount that day.

The golden menorah, created by the Temple Institute, has become a gathering point for Jews on their way to and from the site of the Holy Temple. Symbolic of both Jewish sovereignty and the Divine presence of G-d in Jerusalem, the present location of the menorah is only a temporary way station on its way to the Temple Mount, where it will once again be kindled in its appointed location from within the Sanctuary of the Holy Temple.


Temple Mount Symposium


A symposium was held last night at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem, in which the growing Jewish presence and the Jewish right to pray on the Temple Mount were discussed.

Among the important statements made:

RABBI YAAKOV MEIDAN: Security officials have encouraged me to bring Jews to the Temple Mount, saying that without an ongoing and strong Jewish presence on the Mount, Israel is liable to “lose” it, eventually finding Jews banned from entering altogether as Arabs, emboldened by Israel's refusal to embrace the site, will take steps to keep Jews off the Mount.

RETIRED HIGH COURT PRESIDENT DALIA DORNER: Jews should be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount. It is not the Court's job to determine the matter, it is up to the Knesset. The Court has no role in this just as “it had nothing to say about blowing up the nuclear reactor in Iraq.”

RABBI DAVID STAV (Candidate for Chief Rabbi of Israel): It is the responsibility of the government to ensure a Jewish presence on the Mount, and to allow freedom of religion for Jews at the site. The government also has a responsibility to ensure that “the Arab enemies of Israel do not destroy the Jewish heritage of the site” by dismantling archaeological finds.

Click here to read the news item.




One year ago our 90 second video challenged the age old convention of mourning the loss of our Holy Temple with passivity and resignation.

Today a new generation is arising that is no longer content to take things sitting down. Today's children are ready. Ready to build.

Coming soon: Our all-new CHILDREN ARE READY video challenge to complacency. Be forewarned!


The 17th of Tammuz


THE 17TH DAY OF THE MONTH OF TAMMUZ begins the three week period of mourning during which the nation of Israel increasingly occupies its thoughts with the Holy Temple. The 17th of Tammuz marks a dawn-to-dark fast day. The three week period ends with its climax on the 9th day of Av, the date of the destruction of both Holy Temples, observed as a 25 hour fast. These three weeks are also marked by the observance of various customs of mourning, which progressively intensify in stages from the beginning of the month of Av.

WHILE JEWISH LAW SPECIFICALLY DESIGNATES this time period as one of mourning, the appellation may be misleading. When a family suffers a loss, the Jewish mourning customs help the mourners to come to grips with their loss, to work their way through it, both physically, spiritually, and emotionally, and ultimately to enable the mourners to return to the fullness of their lives. They are unable to make that return until they "get over" their loss.

THESE THREE WEEKS TAKE ON the various aspects of mourning, however, with quite the opposite intention. We are never supposed to "get over" this loss! Mourning the loss of the Holy Temple each year is intended to jar us into realizing that our lives as Jews, as human beings on this earth, cannot and will not return to the fullness that G-d has intended for us, so long as the Holy Temple is not standing on its destined spot on Mount Moriah, and the Divine Service has not been reinstated.

THE PURPOSE OF THE THREE WEEKS is not to provide a convenient means with which we can compartmentalize our suffering the loss of the Holy Temple. As Jews and as righteous Gentiles we must use these days for taking personal stock, and for recommitting ourselves toward realizing the vision of Isaiah: " ...and My house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples." (Isaiah 57:6)

The following video teachings Rabbi Chaim Richman, recorded over the past years are about the month of Tammuz, and remain relevant and meaningful today:


Temple Mount Sanctity, Moslem Style


It was reported today, (June 20), by Israel National News that Jewish worshipers on the Temple Mount have complained to the police that Arab kids were using the Temple Mount as a soccer (football) field, in violation of a Supreme Court ruling that such behavior is disrespectful of the sanctity of the site and therefore forbidden. The police deny that they are bound by any such decision. The phenomenon of Arab kids playing soccer on the Temple Mount is not new. Just last week, while leading guests around the halachically permitted areas of the Mount, Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven of the Temple Institute likewise encountered soccer playing Arab youth on the southeastern corner of the Temple Mount, directly above the illegally built underground mosque. Which begs the question: If the Temple Mount is, as the Moslems claim, Islam's third most holy site, then what does Mecca, Islam's holiest site offer to soccer playing Moslems: An actual grassed pitch to play on? A regulation sized playing field? The pictures in this album are stills taken from our video camera. Click here to view. Click here to read the news item.

Oh, and while soccer is being played on the southern side of the Temple Mount, more Moslem kids can be seen heading toward a basketball game on the northern side of the Temple Mount. Welcome to the Al Aksa International Sports Complex for Moslem Youth. How holy is that! Click here to see.

And yes, once again Jews are arrested for the crime of praying on the Temple Mount, while, as the photograph taken this week shows, Moslems are given free reign to to whatever they please, regardless of the feelings of others or the sanctity of the Temple Mount. Click here to view. Click here to read the news item.


A Day at the Movies with the Temple Institute


On Thursday, June 19th 2013, over 60 adults and children volunteered to appear as ‘extras’ in a new short film being produced right now by the Temple Institute. This film, a sequel to last year’s highly successful short video The Children are Ready, (with over 400,000 views to date), will appear on Youtube, and will present an exciting new perspective of Temple consciousness. It will debut in time for Rosh Chodesh Av, the beginning of the annual period of heightened national mourning for the Holy Temple which crescendos with Tisha B’Av.

Our volunteers, all friends of the Temple Institute, came from all over Israel and even beyond, to participate in this project, because they share our vision of Temple renewal, and they believe in the rebuilding of the Holy Temple. Action, not words. Together with a highly professional crew of six, who utilized state-of-the-art film producing technology, they had a great day of fun, and were part of something really wonderful: making a positive statement about the future of Israel and the world. These accompanying “behind the scenes” photos give you a little glimpse into the making of this new video (without giving anything away!).

The Temple Institute warmly thanks all those parents and children who answered the call, and willingly gave so much of their time and energy to come together to be part of this project. It was wonderful working with all of you. We can't wait to see the finished product!

Click here to view a behind-the-scenes photo-album of the "shoot."


Visiting the Sacred Temple Mount


As part of the Temple Institute's ongoing program of encouraging visits to the Temple Mount, on Thursday, the 5th Tammuz, (June 13 2013), Yitzchak Reuven and Rabbi Chaim Richman led a unique group on a tour of the sacred Temple Mount, in strict accordance with Torah law. Participants in the tour included Alan M. Schneider, Adv., Director of B'nai B'rith World Center, Jerusalem office, and Mr. Tomiji Mizutani and daughter. Mr. Mizutani, a devout Noahide (a righteous Gentile who lives according to Torah), is a senior official in an world-renowned international organization based in Geneva, Switzerland. Rabbi Richman explained the historical, archaeological and spiritual significance of each area of the site. The tour's participants witnessed first-hand, the current difficulties facing non-Moslems at the site, and the draconian measures in effect that prevent freedom of religious expression. The group expressed great joy at being in the holy place, and found the experience both moving and informative.

Click here to view a photo-album of the visit.

Latest Online Video Teachings


All glorious is the king's daughter, (bat melech), within the palace..." (Psalms 45:14)

Bat Melech, featuring the teaching of Rena Richman, wife of Rabbi Chaim Richman, and an experienced educator in her own right. Rabanit Richman's inspiration is, through the Bat Melech series, to highlight the Torah's message to women. As with their male counterparts, the Torah's intention toward women is one of empowerment, enabling women, through their unique strengths and through the commandments with which they have been entrusted, to achieve tikkun - rectification - in the world. The Rabanit's current teaching is entitled: "THE ATTRIBUTE OF AARON, TWO PARTS: Aaron, the brother of Moses, was, in truth, the brother to all Israel and to all humanity. Embodying the attributes of loving-kindness and peace, he devoted his life to bringing peace and unity to husbands and wives, fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, the entire congregation of Israel." Rena Richman?s teaching was recorded in the Hebraic Center in Lubbock, Texas, in the spring of 2011. It is being presented online in two parts. To view this show, or to access earlier episodes on the online archive, please click here.

The new October 27th teaching of Rabbi Chaim Richman's Light to the Nations, weekly half-hour online television Torah study series is entitled, "THE LIGHT OF THE NEW MOON: The sighting of and declaration of the new moon, as well as the celebration of the new moon inside the Holy Temple and out, constitutes a very intimate aspect of G-d?s relationship with Israel." To view this show, or the October 17th episode, or to access earlier episodes on the online archive, please click here.

Light to the Nations is now available for sale on DVD. For more information, please click here.

To learn more about the Light to the Nations upcoming broadcast schedule, its availability on DVD, and how to personally dedicate an episode of Light to the Nations, please click here.

Stay in touch with Torah: Listen each week to Rabbi Chaim Richman's brief teaching of parashat hashavua - the weekly Torah reading. To view this week's teaching on parashat Chayei Sara, (Genesis 23:1-25:18), please click here.

Celebrate Your Bar or Bat Mitzvah with The Temple Institute!


The Temple Institute has prepared a brand new Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah program, especially designed for families from overseas who wish to celebrate their simchah here in Jerusalem. To learn more about the fun and educational experience that awaits you, please click here. (PDF file)

Click here to see pictures from our latest bar mitzvah celebration!

Want to learn more about how the Jewish festivals of Passover, Shavuoth, and Sukkot were celebrated during the time of the Holy Temple? How Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur were observed? Would you like to consult a timeline of the history of the Holy Temple? Come visit our Study Tools page.


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