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The Inauguration Ceremony of The New Workshop for Priestly Garments


Accompanying photographs appear below the article.


ON THE AFTERNOON OF THE 27TH OF SIVAN (JUNE 30TH), the Temple Institute and enthusiastic guests celebrated the Inauguration of The Institute's New Workshop for Priestly Garments. The shop has been equipped with a cutting table for spreading and cutting the fabric according to pattern and size of each individual kohen. (Each garment will be custom designed and fitted.) Industrial strength sewing machines have also been purchased, and ironing equipment for ironing and blocking the finished garments. The shop will be overseen by the Institute's chief haberdasher, Aviad Jeruffi. The ceremony included the taking of measurements from the first two kohanim, (priests), to be outfitted since the destruction of the Holy Temple 1,938 years ago, the distinguished Rabbis Nachman Kahane and Shlomo Riskin.

PRODUCTION WILL SOON BE SWINGING INTO FULL GEAR. Garments will be sold only to certified priestly descendants of Aharon, the first kohen gadol - high priest - in the history of the nation of Israel. Each kohen will first be required to sign a statement acknowledging his understanding and acceptance of the tremendous responsibility he will be taking upon himself, upon his aquisition of the garment.

To view a short video documentary of the happenings, please click here.


Click here to view images described above.


If you are a kohen and would like to reserve a set of bigdei kehuna, please contact us.

Click here to learn more about the sacred garments of the High Priest and lay priests.

Click here to read a description and see photographs of the eary production stages.



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