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History of the Holy Temple Menorah


History of the Holy Temple Menorah


Building the Menorah in Our Day


Building the Menorah in Our Day


After more than ten years of research and investigation, including an exhaustive study of the halachot concerning the design and construction of the menorah, referencing all the extant sources beginning with the Torah description itself, and including all rabbinical commentary, both halachic, midrashic and aggadic, up to and including contemporary texts; examining archaeological and historical evidence, including extra-rabbinic references and descriptions, (ie. Josephus Flavius); consulting metallurgical experts, goldsmiths, metal workers and electroplating experts, the Temple Institute produced a golden menorah halachically fit and ready for use in the Holy Temple, employing the following basic principles:

A metal armature (substructure)was made, ensuring structural strength and stability.

A thick, unified, ("one hammered mass of pure gold - מקשה אחת זהב"), surface of gold, adhered to the armature by a gold-plating process especially developed for the creation of the golden menorah.

We will include more details later.

Photograph: Clockwise from top left: Rabbis Yisrael Ariel and Menachem Makover "eyeballing" the menorah; machinists on a metal lathe; Rabbi Ariel examining the menorah; Chaim Odem, (designer of the menorah), working on a mock-up; Rabbi Ariel taking a tape-measure to the menorah; Rabbi Ariel lending a hand in the preparation on the menorah; (Center) detail of he menorah branches as they extend from the main stem.

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