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Tnoo Lachayot Lichyot vs the Temple Movements: Judge's Ruling
Following are excerpts from the ruling of Judge Hagit Mac-Kalmanovich, handed down in the case of Tnoo Lachayot Lichyot (animal rights group) vs the Temple Movements' intention to ritually slaughter a lamb as part of a day long symposium concerning the Passover offering.

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Animal Rights Protest
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"The law in the state of Israel sees ritual slaughter (shechitah) of an animal by an experienced ritual slaughterer (shochet) in accordance with Jewish law is not an act of abusing an animal..."

"In light of the fact that the ritual slaughter (shechitah) [of the lamb] is to be performed by an experienced ritual slaughterer (shochet) I see no reason to accept the plaintiff's claim that what is being discussed is an experiment using live animals."

"The defendants' desire to hold the event (symposium) as part of the [historic process marking the] return of the nation of Israel to the land of Israel, and their goal, in the words of Rabbi Ysrael Ariel [founder of the Temple Institute] to build the Holy Temple and the perform there the [relevant] commandments, including the commandment to prerform the Passover offering."

"The desire to study and increase knowledge of the laws concerning Passover and the Passover offering is most certainly legitimate and admirable. Including in this educational effort the study of practical aspects [of the Passover offering] does not make the study undesirable. To be sure, the vast majority of the public will choose not to participate in the viewing of the ritual slaughter of the lamb, or in the planned symposium, but that does not render the event illegitimate for all those who do with to participate. As known, freedom of religion and freedom of worship are basic rights [guaranteed by] the state of Israel."

"[It is worth noting] as well, that the ritual slaughter of animals for the sake of observing a [religious] festival or ritual practice is an accepted act in the state of Israel. Suffice it to note that the slaughter of lambs as part of the Moslem observance of the Chag haKorban, and the Samaritan practice of slaughtering a Passover offering are likewise deemed acceptable by law. As none of these practices are forbidden, I do not see fit to forbid the particular event being discussed here."

28 Adar II, 5768 (April 4, 2008)
Judge Hagit Mac-Kalmanovich



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