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f you like a challenge, this page is for you. Sharpen your skills, and win prizes!. Check out our Chanukah challenge below.

We have our first winners! Click to see!

We read in the Al Hanissim prayer that we recite on Chanuka, "Your children kindled lights in the Sanctuary Courtyard." The prayer is describing the unique way in which the menorah was rekindled, after the Kodesh - the Sanctuary - was purified by the Maccabees, and the pure olive oil discovered: The priests carried out from the Kodesh the removable oil lamps that sat upon the seven branches of the menorah. Once they arrived in the Courtyard, the priests were met by Israelites waiting with torches. The Israelites lit the lamps and then the priests returned to the Kodesh to reattach the lamps to the menorah. The two pictures above and below depict this event. But there are eight differences between the two pictures. Can you spot them all?

Once you've discovered all eight differences, write them down, and email them to us. We will announce the first five contestants who send in the correct answers. Prizes will be awarded!

The winner of our Chanukah challenge is:
Joey, age 13.

A hearty congratulations to Joey!

The runner-ups are:

Elaine, age 11.
Betty Anne, age 67.
Forrest, age 40 something.
Stella, age 65.

Congratulations to all our winners!
Your prizes are on the way!


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