The Temple Institute: Mikdash Kids: Dear Mom & Dad



ear Mom & Dad,

We have crafted Mikdash Kids with the intent of creating a web-based environment in which kids can learn about the Holy Temple. It is our hope that Mikdash Kids will prove both entertaining and educational. For only by educating our children about the Beit HaMikdash can we raise a generation to be truly aware of how necessary the Holy Temple is to the spiritual well-being of all mankind.

Much of Mikdash Kids is interactive, involving the kids in developing their own Mikdash awareness. Any personal information, including last name, email or street address that your child sends to us will not appear on the website, (without the expressed permission of a parent), and will not be shared with any individuals or organizations apart from The Temple Institute.

If you have any questions or recommendations, please feel free to contact us.