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A description of The Temple Institute is simply not complete, without a word about the Midrasha - the Institute's rolling classroom - led by Rabbi Mordechai Persoff. Since coming aboard The Temple Institute in 1995, Mordechai has played a major role in developing the unique teaching methods his team of instructors employ for the purpose of imparting knowledge to and imbibing within the hearts of students across the width and breadth of Israel - from pre-school to twelfth-grade - a love and longing for the Holy Temple.

Each year Mordechai trains a new team of seven bnot sherut - young women fulfilling their year of National Service - to assist him in his educational endeavors. Together they develop new methods for presenting the Holy Temple while also refreshing and revitalizing tried and true formats. A typical day begins with the entire team boarding The Temple Institute's van early in the morning setting out for the scheduled destination. The Midrasha is invited to teach at schools of every variety in Israel: religious, non-religious and ultra-orthodox. The team typically returns well after dark, whereupon they begin their preparations for the following day's activities.

Children are our future, and the role that they will yet play in the return of the Jewish nation to a Third Temple consciousness, and ultimately, to the building of the Holy Temple is both central and essential. The role that the Midrasha fulfills in this mission is vital to The Temple Institute, and, of course, to the spiritual future of all mankind.

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