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The Festival of Destruction Continues


It is unclear from these photographs just what the Moslem Wakf may be building on the Temple Mount, but it is abundantly clear just what they are destroying. Among the large timbers seen stacked up and being used for firewood are timbers that have been carbon-dated as three thousand years old. These massive woooden beams are the cedars of Lebanoon described in the Book of Kings, which were specially ordered by King Solomon for the construction of the Holy Temple. Today, these ancient witnesses to the Divine service of the first Holy Temple, are being used for firewood.

Where is the moral outrage? Where is the sensitivity and respect for the religious beliefs of others? Where is the academic concern for the preservation of ancient history? Where is the respect for one of the great achievements of mankind?

Has the UN convened to express its displeasure? Has the United States registered a protest? And what about the European Union, the International Court of Justice at the Hague, and all the other myriad organizations around the world who so loudly and forecfully speak and act out against precisely this kind of contempt for the culture and civilization and heritage of others? Silent!

If you would like to make your feelings about the wanton destruction of the Holy Temple of G-d on Mount Moriah heard, please join us our efforts this coming March 16th, on International Temple Mount Awareness Day. For details, click here.


These photographs courtesy of Yosef Rabin.




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