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TEMPLEINSTITUTE.ORG, THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE'S HOME ON THE WEB, has expanded into the realm of multimedia, and now offers live and recorded audio and video Torah instruction and commentary. Learn about the Holy Temple, its history, the pilgrim festivals, the daily service, and the centrality and significance of the Holy Temple, then and now. Keep abreast on what is happening today on the Temple Mount and in Israel, and understand the current events from a Torah perspective. Discover the role the Holy Temple has yet to play on the stage of history, and in the spiritual reawakening of all mankind. Hear the universal message of Torah, loud and clear, for the Jews and Gentiles alike.


Hear Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven every Tuesday at 3:00-5:00 PM Israel time, on Israel National Radio's internet radio broadcast, Temple Talk. Temple Talk can be accessed all week long. Past shows are archived. To hear the current show, or to hear archived shows, or for more information, please click here.

All glorious is the king's daughter, (bat melech), within the palace..." (Psalms 45:14)

NEW: Bat Melech, featuring the teaching of Rena Richman, wife of Rabbi Chaim Richman, and an experienced educator in her own right. Rabanit Richman's inspiration is, through the Bat Melech series, to highlight the Torah's message to women. As with their male counterparts, the Torah's intention toward women is one of empowerment, enabling women, through their unique strengths and through the commandments with which they have been entrusted, to achieve tikkun - rectification - in the world. Essential viewing for both women and men, Bat Melech is aired biweekly. Please click here.


Watch Rabbi Chaim Richman's weekly half-hour teaching, Light to the Nations, on the Universal Torah Network. A new Light to the Nations is posted every Thursday, and can be accessed all week long. Past shows are archived. To see a broadcast schedule, please click here. To learn how you can dedicate a Light to the Nations show, please click here.


Learn the weekly Torah portion with Rabbi Chaim Richman. Rabbi Richman's weekly 3-5 minute Torah study, (parashat hashavua), is posted at the beginning of each week on the Universal Torah Network. These teachings can be accessed all week long. Past teachings are archived.


For advanced learners: Join Rabbi Richman's Studies in Bereishit/Genesis series, as he presents a meticulous and in-depth exploration, theme by theme, of the first portion of the Torah. Many ideas are discussed, including the mysteries of creation, the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve. In this program we present a number of questions and problems presented by the very first verse of the Torah, "In the beginning..." These teachings are fifteen minutes long, and are posted periodically, and can be accessed all week long. Visit our Events page, or the Universal Torah Network to find out when the latest teaching has been posted. You can also keep abreast by signing up for our newsletter. Past teachings are archived.


Other Internet TV Specials

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Exclusive Video Temple Mount Footage From the Summer of 2005

In August, 2005, the latter half of the month of Av, Rabbi Chaim Richman, accompanied by several friends, ascended the Temple Mount. This visit was documented on camera. In this classic visit to the Mount, in strict accordance with Jewish halachic law, Rabbi Richman takes the viewer on a complete tour of the holiest site on earth. You will learn the history of the Mount and where the Sanctuary and its courtyards were located, and you will also see stark evidence of the illegal Moslem destruction on the Mount presently taking place. You will witness the difficulties experienced by all Jews who visit the Temple Mount today. You will stand literally meters away from where the Holy of Holies once stood and will stand again. Footage of this nature has never before been presented for public viewing. Now it can be viewed online. The 90 minute long video has been reformatted into three parts, and is now available on The Universal Torah Network: Click here.

The Temple Mount Tour is now available on DVD, Please click here for details.

To see still photographs taken on the same visit, please click here.





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