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To be held, B"H, on TUESDAY, KISLEV 17, 5768 (November 27, 2007), between 10:00 - 20:00 In Ramada-Renaissance Hotel, JERUSALEM

Participants (partial, current list) Rabbis *:

Dov Lior - Chairman, YeSh"A Rabbi's Council; Adin Steinzaltz - President, The Sanhedrin; Shalom-Dov Wolpe - Chairman, Headquarters To Save The People and The Land; Yoel Schwartz - President, Supreme Court, B'nei Noach; Yosef Elboim - The Movement for the Establishment of the Holy Temple; Yisrael Ariel - Head, The Temple Institute; Yishai Babad - Secretary, YeSh"A Rabbis; Dov Stein - Secretary, The Sanhedrin; Mordekhay Rabinovitch, Michah Peled

Other Participants (in Hebrew Alphabetical order) *:

Att. Dov Even-Or, Mr. Yorm Ettinger, Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Mr. Nachi Eyal, MK Prof. Arieh Eldad, Dr. Gadi Eshel, Mr. Uri Borovsky, Dr. Yossi Ben-Aharon, Att. Baruch Ben-Yossef, Mr. Evyatar Ben-Tsedef, Dr. Yuval Brandstetter, Prof. Gabi Barkai, Mrs. Miryam Bar-Yossef, Att. Howard Grief, Mr. Yossef Dayan, Mrs. Susie Dym, Att. Shimon HaLevy, Prof. Hillel Weiss, Att. Aviad Vissoli, Prof. Arieh Zaritsky, Dr. Amnon Chever, Arch. Gid'on Charlap, Mr. Haim Yativ, Mrs. Nadia Matar, Mr. Shmuel Meidad (Zangi), Dr. Uri Milstein, Att. Dr. Haim Misgav, Mr. Arieh Stav, Mrs. Orit Struk, Mr. Michael Fuah, Mr. Moshe Feiglin, Mrs. Mina Fenton, Prof. Aharon Ziner, Mr. Ronen Tsafrir, Mr. Ohad Kamin, Mr. Moti Karpel, Mr. Shabtai Shiran

* Changes are possible




  • The Land of Israel, Yerushalaiym, The Temple-Mount and The Holy Temple: Ways to Strengthen their Legal Status - National and International
  • A Constitution
  • Security, Economy and Social Policies in The State of The Jewish Nation
  • Awards to Distinguished Bodies and Persons for Special Contributions to The Cause
  • Organizing The First New Jewish Congress


Initiators: The Sanhedrin, Jewish Leadership, Headquarters For Eretz Israel, Mattot Arim, B'nei Israel, The Temple Institute

Additional Participants: Matteh Tsafon, The Headquarters To Save The People and The Land, Women in Green, Forum Nahallal

Entry: Pre-Registry necessary, with Mrs. Sarah Rofe, 03-5324338
Contributions to cover costs are welcome: account # 198193, Branch #14 of Bank HaMizrahi

Organization: Mrs. Katy Cohen
Spokesperson: Mrs. Susie Dym,

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