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SUNDAY, JANUARY 30, 2011: This is the week of PARASHAT TERUMAH, the Torah reading of Exodus 25:1-27:19, which is read aloud in synagogues around the world on this upcoming Shabbat, February 5. Parashat Terumah begins with G-d's commandment to Moshe to ask of every Israelite who is inspired in his or her heart to give an offering toward the construction of the Tabernacle Sanctuary, the Mishkan, in which G-d's presence would dwell, and which would accompany Israel on all its desert wanderings and into the land of Israel. Thus HaShem expressed His desire that His presence shall dwell among His people, on this earth, and for all the nations to aspire to. This was the galvanizing moment which unified all the hearts of Israel, as every individual gave of themselves, for the purpose of building a house for G-d. In the fullness of time that tabernacle would be replaced by the Holy Temple, built by King Solomon in its permanent location on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem, where it became, in the words of Isaiah, "a house of prayer for all nations."

FOR THE PAST TWENTY FOUR YEARS THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE has been working tirelessly to re-spark and reignite within the nation of Israel and within all the nations who place their faith in the G-d of Israel, the dream and the ambition to rebuild the Holy Temple and renew the Divine service. The Temple Institute researchers, teaming up with world-class artists and artisans, designers, draftsmen, professors, scientists, silversmiths, goldsmiths, weavers, dyers, stone masons, wood workers, musicians and visionaries, have recreated tens of Temple vessels, including the golden menorah, the golden table of the showbread, the golden incense altar, silver trumpets, incense holders, and the priestly garments, including the garments of the High Priest, from his blue tunic with its hem of golden bells and woven pomegranates, to his breastplate of twelve stones and his golden crown, all for use in the soon to be rebuilt Holy Temple. Each vessel and every detail of the priestly garments are made in strict accordance with Torah requirements. They are not replicas. They are the things themselves! THIS, THEN, IS THE FIRST STAGE OF THE REBUILDING OF THE HOLY TEMPLE.

In addition, the Temple Institute has commissioned more than two hundred original water and oil paintings depicting the glory of the Holy Temple, and published more than a dozen books including prayer books for weekdays, Shabbat and the three pilgrimage festivals, Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. The Temple Institute has produced hundreds of hours of online video teachings, and a website which receives thousands of visitors daily. Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute has just returned to Israel from a one month speaking tour of the United States. During the course of his appearances, in which he met with thousands of individuals who long for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, Rabbi Richman revealed for the first time complete and highly detailed blueprints drawn up by a top Israeli architectural firm, hired by the Temple Institute, of the Sanhedrin Assembly Hall, the Chamber of Hewn Stone, part of the Holy Temple complex itself. These plans incorporate modern technological innovation while remaining true to the specific requirements of the Sanhedrin. And at this moment the Temple Institute is moving forward with a recreation of the golden chandelier, the nivreshet of Queen Helene, used to designate the exact hour of the recitation of the morning Shma prayer in the Holy Temple, and symbolizing the glory of the Holy Temple and its centrality to mankind's steady march toward a recognition of the One G-d of Israel and the approaching redemption.

MUCH OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN RACKED THESE PAST TWO YEARS BY ECONOMIC HARDSHIP, and this has, of course, also affected the Temple Institute and our loyal and generous supporters, both old and new. The Temple Institute has taken many measures to tighten our belt and trim our operating budget. But this has not affected the scope or the scheduling of our current projects or those still in the planning. The restoration of G-d's glory beckons us and we must not and will not be found wanting.

THE TEMPLE INSTITUTE RECEIVES TENS OF LETTERS AND EMAILS every day asking when the construction of the Holy Temple will begin. Our unequivocal answer is, the work has indeed begun, and is continuing apace. Every vessel completed is a part of the Holy Temple. Every heart inspired is no less essential to the construction of the Holy Temple than are the marble slabs which form the walls of the great Sanctuary. Just as King David gathered all the materials necessary for the construction of the Holy Temple, enabling his son King Solomon to complete the Holy Temple, the work of the Temple Institute is facilitating the swift and precise construction of the Holy Temple and renewal of the Divine service.

EVENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST OF THE PAST FEW WEEKS should provide for every interested soul a glimpse into how swiftly and dramatically G-d can shape our history, and reshape our reality. Regimes which the pundits and experts, only yesterday, said would stand for a hundred years have collapsed overnight. Sweeping historical movements long thought impossible, are revealing themselves to a watching world. These same pundits and experts, skeptics and non-believers maintain, even today, that the dream of the Holy Temple is just that: an antiquated, unattainable dream. We believe otherwise and we seek to make it happen. Your steadfast support is more necessary than ever before. Now is the time for all good souls "whose heart inspires them to generosity" (Exodus 25:2) to join the Temple Institute in our unflagging efforts toward making the dream of the Holy Temple a blessed reality, in our time! Join us!



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