The Temple Institute: Temple Talk: Elul 17, 5767/August 31, 2007

"They shall not hurt nor destroy in all My holy mountain, says the L-rd."
(Isaiah 65:25)

Unprecedented wholesale destruction of precious remnants of the Holy Temple is occurring on a daily basis. The Moslem Wakf, the "caretakers" of the Temple Mount have been overseeing the digging of meter and a half deep trenches running the length and breadth of the Mount. The trenches are cutting across the former courtyards of the Holy Temple. Enraged and anguished archaeologists are observing helplessly, yet have been able to positively ascertain that the ancient walls of the Temple Courtyards are being dug up and destroyed, falling victim to the rapacious destruction being conducted by the Wakf.

The Wakf's intentions are clear and not at all surprising. Their hatred of the Jewish nation and of the house of G-d that once stood on this location is expressed in words and actions every day. They preach that the Holy Temple never existed and are working diligently on a daily basis to destroy the physical remains of the Temple that have rested undisturbed for over one thousand years.

What is difficult to understand and impossible to forgive is the Israeli government's total indifference to the wholesale destruction of Jewish heritage taking place under the protective watch of the Israeli police in total disregard of Israeli law, international law, the respect due the holy site and the most basic survival necessities of a sovereign nation.

Also guilty is the so-called Israeli Antiquities Authority whose very reason for existing is to prevent this kind of irreversible damage to the nation's archaeological treasures. One would have hoped that, despite their obvious "allegiance" to the government of Israel they would nevertheless feel a pinch of discomfort in light of the fact that they are accessories to a crime of historical proportions.

Where are the G-d fearing Jews and Gentiles who yearn and pray for the rebuilding of the Holy Temple? Will they make their voices heard? Are people even aware of the extent of the destruction taking place, or has the virtual media blackout kept most people ignorant of the crime being perpetrated? The coming days are crucial and will provide the answer. It is incumbent upon each and every one who reads these words to spread the news and to raise their voices in protest. Ignorance and apathy are the allies of all of the above mentioned parties who are accomplices to the crime.

The Temple Institute is actively pursuing the creation of a common front to work together to put an end to the rape of the Temple Mount and to restore law and order to the holiest site on Earth. Please stay informed by visiting our website and tuning into this coming week's TEMPLE TALK which will be dedicated to the ongoing crisis.

Ultimately, the only way to stop the continuing destruction of the Holy Temple is by continuing and redoubling our efforts to rebuild the Holy Temple. An integral part of this historic task involves the recreation of the Holy Temple service vessels and the raiments of the Cohen Gadol - the High Priest. The Temple Institute's two current projects, the golden crown, or tzitz of the High Priest, and the Kinnor David, the Harp of David, are rapidly nearing completion. To download (PDF) update reports of these two projects, please click here - tzitz of the High Priest, and here - Kinnor David.

Our sages tell us that where a ba'al teshuva- a true penitent stands, even the perfect righteous man who has never sinned, cannot stand! What is the power of teshuva that it can erase a man's sins, and even turn them into merits? Where does teshuva come from and why do we need to, today more than ever, tap into this source of great spiritual power? Please tune into this past week's TEMPLE TALK as Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven discuss the history changing potential of teshuvah.

The month of Elul always alerts us to the urgency of doing teshuva, distancing ourselves from bad deeds and drawing nearer to G-d. The present orgy of hate-filled destruction being perpetrated on the very walls of the Holy Temple itself can only further drive home the immediate necessity of doing teshuva as individuals, as communities and as nations, and banding together to stop the destruction and make possible the reconstruction of the Holy Temple:

"For Zion's sake will I not hold My peace, and for Jerusalem's sake I will not rest, until her triumph go forth as brightness, and her salvation as a torch that burns." (Isaiah 62:1)

May G-d grant us deliverance from our adversaries.

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