The Temple Institute: Temple Talk: Elul 20 5767/September 3, 2007

"Is it time for you to dwell in your well timbered houses while this house lies waste?"
(Haggai 1:4)

Today's TEMPLE TALK online radio show with Rabbi Richman and Yitzchak Reuven focuses like a laser on the assault upon the G-d of Israel being waged at this moment on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Why is the crime being committed by the Moslem Wakf, with the tacit complicity of the government of Ehud Olmert, so much greater than the mere destruction of the remnants of the courtyard walls from the Holy Second Temple? Islam's war against humanity has opened up a new front on the Temple Mount, and as goes the Mount so goes the world. This is not a battle that any G-d fearing member of the human race can afford to sit out. What can you do to help halt the Islamic onslaught? Listen to this week's TEMPLE TALK. You can make a difference! To read up on Temple Mount "war zone" and to view photographs of the devastation, please click here.

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