The Temple Institute: Temple Talk: Kislev 11, 5765/December 12, 2005

What comes first: the western wall, or the Temple Mount? Isn't it time we reprioritize? Back to Beit El, where our forefather Yaakov first perceived of the place of the presence - the shechinah - of the Almighty as a bayit - a house, and the particular connection between Yaakov and the Third Holy Temple, may it be built speedily, in our days. What is the mysterious luz bone, and what is its connection with the Holy Temple? The imperceivable light, or "darkness," that is holy: How the Greeks tried to separate the Jews from this holy source, and how the thirty six lights of Chanuka provide us with a glimpse of the primordial ohr haganuz which dispels the unholy darkness of the Greek materialists.

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