The Temple Institute: Temple Talk: Kislev 25, 5766/December 26, 2005

The First Day of Chanuka

The first day of Chanuka: the Hebrew word Chanuka means dedication, but it also means chinuch - education. By educating ourselves and our children in the way of Torah, we can defend ourselves against the onslaughts of the contemporary Hellenists who try to severe our spiritual connection to the Torah of Israel and the G-d of Israel. The miracle of the oil - a cruse of oil intended for a single day of illumination lasting for eight days, (during which new pure oil could be produced), was a Divine reward for the very human efforts to drive the Greek defilers from the Holy Temple, repurify the Sanctuary, and make it fit for the renewal of the Divine service. We must continue to make these efforts today, and not rely on 'unprompted' miracles. Interview with Gershon Ferency, a Jewish vintner from the Gush Etzion region of Israel. Gershon is preparing a vineyard to be dedicated solely to the cultivation and production of yain lenisuchim, the libation wine to be used in the renewed Temple service. The weekly Torah reading: Yoseph in Egypt: why is he called tzaddik - righteous? The perfection of sexuality. Maintaining our integrity and seeing our names engraved upon the stones of the breastplate of the High Priest.

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