The Temple Institute: Temple Talk: Kislev 4, 5765/December 5, 2005

The month of Kislev and the dimension of sleep. Yaakov our forefather gathers the twelve stones of the altar upon which his father Yitzchak was bound, lays his head upon them and goes to sleep. He wakes from his dream realizing that this place is the house of G-d! He annoints the twelve stones, which now have become one: the foundation stone of creation, and the cornerstone of the Holy Temple itself! More about the mysterious "precious coat" that Esau kept in his mother's closet. The deep connection between Mount Moriah and Mount Sinai, the place of Torah revelation. How did the forefathers keep the Torah that had yet to be revealed? How do we reach our potential that we have been bestowed with in the womb?

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