The Temple Institute: Temple Talk: Sivan 14, 5765/June 21, 2005

Can you trace your family roots back 106 generations? Not only do the descendents of Aharon HaKohein, Aaron - the brother of Moses and first high priest - claim his ancestry by virtue of a 3,300 year old tradition, modern cutting-edge DNA technology supports this claim! Featuring an interview with Rabbi Yaakov Kleiman, director of the Center for Kohanim in Jerusalem's Old City, and author of the book, DNA and Tradition - the Genetic Link to the Ancient Hebrews. Following this, Rabbi Richman talked about the contruction of the menorah in the desert, (as well as the construction of present day menorah by The Temple Institute), and the duty of the priests to rekindle the menorah every evening, in the Holy Temple, as described in last weeks parasha - Be'ha'alotcha, (Numbers 8).

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