The Temple Institute: Temple Talk: Tammuz 12, 5765/July 19, 2005

The war against Jewish values, the crushing of freedom and democracy at the hands of the Sharon government, and the response of the Jewish nation. Did you know that 100s of busloads of people on their way to a legal demonstration against the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif were stopped by policemen, who confiscated the licenses of the bus drivers and threatened to press charges if they didn't remove all passengers from the buses? Did you know that citizens of the Jewish state are being awakened at night by policemen and men of the GSS, (General Security Services), who enter their houses without a warrant or identification, and are being taken away for interrogation and held for weeks without even learning what they are being charged for? Do you know that dozens of soldiers have already refused orders to be part of the implementation of the planned expulsion? Listen to the story of Tziporra, a young woman who has been held in jail for one month for participating in the blocking of vehicular traffic as an act of protest against the planned expulsion. She has been put into solitary confinement for days on end, had her bed removed from her cell, been denied food and water, and now is being sent for psychiatric examination, in order that the state can label her a 'danger to the public. And why? Because she refuses to tell the judge that she will not participate in another protest against the expulsion. Learn more about this incredible Jewish woman and why she will not break, as Rabbi Richman talks to her mother, on this week's TEMPLE TALK. Note: Tziporra was subsequently released to house arrest, and was also interviewed via telephone.

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