The Temple Institute: Temple Talk: Tammuz 26, 5765/August 2, 2005

Mourning leading to action: building a Third Temple Consciousness and rekindling the desire to put the mourning behind us, by placing the Holy Temple before us, both in our hearts and minds and on the Mount. The importance of making aliya, (going up) to the Temple Mount. Hear from Mrs. Rena Aronov, head of the organization, Women on behalf of the Holy Temple, as she describes the contribution women are making to the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, organized visits to the Temple Mount for women, as well as other activities. Rabbi Richman also produced from his pocket a 50 shekel bill, and proceeded to translate the words written on the reverse side of the bill by the revered Israeli author, the late Shmuel Agnon. The words are a beautiful and poignant description of the relationship of every Jew to the Holy Temple and the city of Jerusalem.

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