The Bullock is Slaughtered

At the conclusion of his second confession, the High Priest slaughters the bullock. He receives the offering's blood in the mizrak vessel, and then gives this vessel to another priest. The former immediately goes to prepare for the incense service, and the latter must stand outside the entrance to the Sanctuary and hold this vessel, continuously moving it with a stirring motion. This in done in order to prevent its contents from beginning to harden - since this would invalidate it to be dashed upon the altar.

The second priest, thus occupied with the mizrak, waits in this spot for the return of the High Priest, who will bring the mizrak into the Sanctuary. In the meantime, the High Priest asends to the top of the altar in the court, carrying a golden shovel equipped with a specially long handle - designed to aid him in performing the particularly difficult movements he will require to conduct the incense service alone on this holy day.



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