The Eve of the Day of Atonement

The Climax Draws Near

Yom Kippur is approaching, and tension mounts as all of Israel anticipates the arrival of the great day when atonement is granted for sin and the true nature of man's relationship with his Creator is revealed.

All eyes are turned to the High Priest, who, on that holiest day of the year, will enter into the holiest place on earth - the Holy of Holies - to make atonement for Israel and seek to rectify the imbalances in her spiritual connection to her Father in heaven.

On the morning preceding the Day of Atonement, the High Priest stands in the Eastern Gate. There, cows, rams and sheep are marched before him, and he watches them intently while reviewing in his mind all of the precepts he has learned regarding the order of their sacrifice, and other facets of the service he will be conducting tomorrow.



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