The Second Oral Confession

Now the High Priest once again draws near to his own offering, the bullock. At this time he will again confess over the animal; the first time he did this, his confession was on behalf of himself and his family. This time he confesses on behalf of all his fellow priests. Once again he places his hands on the animal's head, between its horns, and pronouncing the Ineffable Name he recites his plea:

"I beseech You, O Lord; I have sinned, rebelled, and transgressed against You, I and my household, And the sons of Aaron, Your holy people; I beseech You, O Lord, Grant atonement for the sins, and for the iniquities and transgressions which I have commited against You, I and my household, And the sons of Aaron Your holy people - . As it is written in the Torah of Your servant, Moses: 'For on this day atonement shall be made for you, to purifiy you from all your sins - before the Lord you shall be purified'."



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