Separation Seven Days in Advance

There is much to be done in order to prepare the High Priest for this momentous and fateful day. Just as the first High Priest, Aaron, separated himself away from others during the seven days of inauguration ("And do not leave the entrance of the Communion Tent for seven days, until your period of inauguration is complete" - Lev. 8:33), so too the High Priest leaves his own home and family a full week before the advent of Yom Kippur, and withdraws to his chamber in the Holy Temple.

Meanwhile, at the same time another priest is designated as the High Priest's replacement, in the event that he inadvertantly becomes defiled and cannot purify himself in time to conduct the service. An extra High Priest's uniform (the "golden garments") was prepared according for this substitute as well, according to his size and measurements.



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