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Israelís 65th Independence Day 5773/2013 - On The Temple Mount


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TENS OF ENTHUSIASTIC, PATRIOTIC, TORAH-OBSERVANT JEWS celebrated Israelís 65th Independence Day, (Yom HaAtzmaut), today by visiting the seat of Israelís connection to this land and the veritable seat of the manifestation of G-dís sovereignty on earth: the Temple Mount. The groups participants offered their 'clandestine' prayers of thanksgiving to the Almighty for the constant miracle that is the State of Israel and, as words of Torah and inspiration were shared, all expressed the thought that there could be no better place to acknowledge and give our thanks to the Creator for this intensely significant day. Despite provocations and threats by hostile Muslim hecklers to disturb the groupís experience, the visit was powerfully uplifting and all were encouraged and strengthened, and resolved to visit the sacred Mountain again and again. Yom Atzmuat Sameach - Happy Independence Day!




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