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Israel celebrates 44 years of  liberated Jerusalem


The 28th of Iyar: Jerusalem Day - Yom Yerushalayim


A collection of Temple Institute greetings and features
from recent Jerusalem Day celebrations.







"Be glad with Jerusalem and rejoice in her, all you who love her." Isaiah 66:10


JERUSALEM - the heart and soul of the nation of Israel, the heart and soul of the world. It was 44 years ago today that the Israel Defense Forces liberated Jerusalem and reunited the city. Today, despite all the forces of evil set against her, Jerusalem is growing, ever expanding to accommodate all her children, all those who place their trust in the One G-d of Israel.




"A song of ascents of David. I rejoiced when they said to me, "Let us go to the house of the Lord." Our feet were standing within your gates, O Jerusalem. The built-up Jerusalem is like a city that was joined together within itself. There ascended the tribes, the tribes of God, testimony to Israel, to give thanks to the name of the Lord. For there were set thrones for judgment, thrones for the house of David. Request the welfare of Jerusalem; may those who love you enjoy tranquility. May there be peace in your wall, tranquility in your palaces. For the sake of my brethren and my companions, I shall now speak of peace in you. For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I shall beg for goodness for you." Psalms 122


WHEN ISRAEL LIBERATED THE TEMPLE MOUNT ON JUNE 7TH, 1967, the prophetic clock began ticking anew. The place where King David and his son Solomon first built the Holy Temple is back in the hands of their descendants. Come what may, the Holy Temple will be rebuilt!

Standing at the foot of the southwest corner of the Temple Mount wall, Rabbi Chaim Richman delivers a passionate paean to Jerusalem and to the once and future glory of the Holy Temple.






"Tel Aviv - up in flames... Haifa - up in flames... Jerusalem - up in flames..."


THUS BEGINS THE DRAMATIC RETELLING BY RABBI YISRAEL ARIEL, founder and head of the Temple Institute, of his 1967 Six Day War experiences. Fate placed Rabbi Ariel, then a young man, in arguably the most enviable position in the last two thousand years of Jewish history. As one of the paratroopers of the 55th Parachute Brigade that on June 7th, 1967, captured Jerusalem's old city and liberated the Temple Mount, the impact of the events of those history making moments upon the young Rabbi were profound. "What is the meaning of it, that we arrived at this moment, after two thousand years, to this place? The unassailable certainty that we had returned in order to build, that was clear to me."

We urge everyone to take five minutes to view a unique video, produced by the Temple Institute, in which Rabbi Yisrael Ariel paratrooper and founder of the Temple Institute, reflects on his experiences in the Six Day War and the liberation of the Temple Mount. This intensely personal recollection can be view in its original Hebrew, with English subtitles, and with Spanish subtitles. Yom Yerushalayim Sameach - happy Jerusalem Day!




WHEN THIS LETTER REACHES YOUR HANDS, I will no longer be among the living. In these, the final moments of my life, I feel compelled to express my thoughts. I am twenty years old. My dreams of building a family I must abandon, and pictures of my life, from the moment I was born, until this moment, are racing before my eyes…

In these brief moments the soul sees what a man can't see in a lifetime of moments.

Read this heart-rendering letter, penned by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, the founder and head of the Temple Institute, in honor of 180 of his fellow paratroopers who fell in the Six Day War's battle for Jerusalem. Click here.




IN THE JUNE, 1967 SIX DAY WAR, Rabbi Yisrael Ariel was a young soldier in the paratrooper brigade, led by Gen. Motta Gur, which liberated Jerusalem's Old City. He was one of the first soldiers to reach the Temple Mount. The very first night that the Temple Mount returned to Israeli sovereignty, Rabbi Ariel was assigned the duty of guarding over the Dome of the Rock, site of the Holy of Holies in the Holy Temple. Looking back at that time, he relates to the uniqueness of the moment, both universally for all Jews and for himself personally: the return of the Jewish people to this spot, the one place on earth that G-d has chosen for Himself, to begin the resumption of the Divine service. Indeed, this moment was a harbinger for the birth of the Temple Institute.

Click here to view photographs taken during and after the conquest of the Temple Mount. These pictures, from the private collection of Rabbi Ariel, reflect not only the unfolding events, but also impart a distinct sense of the profundity of the moment in the history of the nation of Israel. fellow paratroopers who fell in the Six Day War's battle for Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Day 2011: First Time: Temple Mount Priestly Blessing on Jerusalem Day


Click here for full story.

Jerusalem Day 2010: 43 Rabbis Ascend the Temple Mount, Marking the 43 Year Anniversary of the Liberation of the Temple Mount


Click here for full story.



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