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Clashes break out between Jewish, Muslim worshipers on Temple Mount

reposted from Jerusalem Post

2 Jews and 2 Mulsims arrested after Muslims attack Jewish worshippers singing Hanukka songs at Jerusalem holy site.

Clashes broke out between Jewish and Muslim worshipers at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Sunday morning, prompting police to close the site to Jewish worshipers.

According to Army Radio, a group of Jewish worshipers visiting the Temple Mount began singing Hanukka songs and demonstratively praying despite police instruction against such activity.

Prior to the beginning of the Hanukka holiday last week, Likud MK Miri Regev instructed police to ensure that Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount would be able to go up to the site unimpeded by police or Arab demonstrators.

“Just because some Muslims throw stones when Jews go up to the Temple Mount is not a reason to prevent them from going, as happened over Succot,” Regev told police Ch.-Supt. Avi Biton during the committee hearing.

“Police must allow Jews to go up to the site on Hanukka,” she continued. “Special arrangements are made for Muslim prayer there during Ramadan and similar arrangements must be made for Jewish visits on Jewish holidays.”

Jewish groups and activists who regularly visit the Temple Mount frequently complain that the police do not treat them appropriately and hamper their wishes to go up to the site, especially on Jewish festivals.

“For me, the festival of Hanukka represents the time that Jews stood up for their freedom and equality,” said Rabbi Yehuda Glick, a spokesman and activist for the Joint Association of Temple Organizations group. “We don’t want to harm or disturb anyone, but simply wish to pray at Judaism’s holiest site, while the police are hostile to, and continue to humiliate, Jewish visitors.”



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